Football Chairman


Dec 8, 2009
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I have always wondered what a Football Chairman game would be like if it was made by SI in the form in which they make FM. I came up with a basic plan of which the game could feature and was thinking of sending it to SI and see what they say. If you would like to add anything to the list just suggest and I will see what I like enough to put it on.-

Football Chairman

You are the chairman of your desired club. You own the club 100%. If your club makes any income from transfers, gate money, etc it goes into your fund to invest in your club. The only thing is you can only own 1 club at a time.


As said above all the money you make goes towards your club and you can invest that money anyway you want. Heres some ideas-

*Transfer Funds

*Wage Funds


*Stadium Upgrades


*Training Ground Upgrades

*Youth Facilites

*Youth Academy

*Naming Rights

*Compensation For Managers


You are the chairman. You can do what a real life chairman does-

*Hire and Fire managers or non playing staff from manager to grounds men to tea ladies

*Hold a club AGM or board meeting every month to discuss how the club and manager is doing in certain aspects of his job. Also to take questions from fans, media pundits, etc

* Watch games from the stands and see how your manager is doing and how your team could be improved then you can invite your manager after the game for a chat

* Go on holiday whenever you want


*You can interfere with your managers team selections but beware, it could make your manager unhappy and he could resign

*You could interfere with refs, officials, etc but beware, it could get you or your club fined or expelled
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you cant really start with a budget of 100m as each team in RL has diffrent balances
I agree with most things, however, starting budgets should not be all £100m. The club balance should be used, so some can go towards budget, etc. Also, you should add youth facilities and academy to list of things you can improve.
any transport costs should be included e.g. a choice of how to get your team to an away match on the other side of the country and maybe a choice in whether you put your team into a 5* hotel or a 3* hotel with their comfort affecting performance in someway. e.g. a 3* hotel will have an increased risk of them having a bad nights sleep which could lead to them having less concentration and making a key mistake whereas a 5* hotel foud have better facilities and would mean they are more likely to be fully refreshed and rareing to go.

also as different clubs have different values you would need to have differing starting ammounts for each of them.
You can be a chairman in FIFA manager I think, you can definitely do all of that stuff anyway.

If SI made it I would imagine that it would suck, and FM that year would probably suck too.