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Dec 28, 2009
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Welcome to Football Desire!

We are a brand new football forum bringing you quality discussion, banter, debate and editorials. We aim to bring quality, yet quantity. If you have ever followed football you will love our site. That is the end of it, if you love football you will fit in perfectly. So check our site out, register, post and get involved!

if a mod thinks this is shameful plugging, then i apoligise, and i will close the thread.

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Sorry mate 1 FM forum is enough for me. good luck though
sorry just assumed this was an FM forum due to the huge number of people who always advertise on here. The football section on this forum is enough for me :)
Site is coming along well :)

78 members and good discussion in first two days :)
check it out :D
No ta :) I'll stick to enjoying Scott's football discussions.
Wtff? When it says "Who do you support?" Stockport County isn't there.. oO)
Very sexy layout and skin... i may sign up.