Football Manager 13 in Classical mode with Bayern Munich (in videos)


Nov 2, 2012
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Thats my Intro to the series i do on youtube. I'm tryng to turn Bayern Munich into Barcelona, winning everything.
I also do other FM stuff and other stuff om my channel: MrStone62: The Norwegian Gamer - YouTube
Going to try to update every day
The first game of the season was agianst Mainz wich we won 2-0 see the viedo for the match and my lon running hate agianst Robben in this game started.
This match was agianst Ausburg who turned out to be the real first trashing of a team this season 5-1 we won and it the season is looking good, and of course i continue hating on Robben
This time we played agianst Werden Bremen to hopefully continue our victory run. It ended 2-0 to us and we are still on top of the table. Robben was luckly out injured so i didn't have to play him.
(The reason I haven't posted for a week is that I've been sick. Will start updadting more regular)
This was a CL game agianst Undinese and the group was Man City, Undinese and Club Brugge. A 3-0 victory to us, and of course i still hate on Robben