Football Manager 2011 11.2.1f164501 has stopped working.


Jan 3, 2011
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I got the game as a Christmas present and installed it with steam. Every time I click play it says that it is 'preparing to launch Football Manager' but seconds later it comes up with an error message; 'Football Manager 2011.2.1f164501 has stopped working.' I have no idea what this means and more importantly how to get rid of it and play the game. Any advice would be much appreciated!
try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. Worked for me ;)
I have. I've tried with and without steam as well but nothing seems to work..
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I used to have that, so then I got rid of all logo packs, kit packs, and other stuff like that. It worked for me.
I had a problem where it kept crashing. I would suggest the following...

i) uninstall it
ii) delete all remaining folders with any FM stuff in it. The two main folders are in c:/program files... and c:/mydocuments. Do a search on your c drive for all folders.
iii) reinstall FM11 and then install patch 11.2.1

Unfortunately you will lose all saved game progress but if its any consolation I lost 5 seasons worth because FM got corrupted at some point during saving.
I'll try that, thanks! I haven't actually been able to play the game yet so I don't have any saved games..

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Just tried everything you said but still no luck. Thankyou for trying but I think I'll just return the game.
this has just started to happen on my game. it has just added the 11.3.0 update and now everytime i go to kick off a match it comes up with the message football manager 2011 11.3.0f78533 has stopped working. i have tried the above advice but no luck. I have had the game since it came out and til now it has worked fine. was just wondering if anyone had any new methods of clearing this fault?
Just had the same problem as smudgadudge when loading game, been working fine update with the new patch started new game, all ok. Today went to start up game and got this message football manager 2011 11.3.0f78533 , followed all instructions in this thread, uninstalled, removed everything etc, still no luck just get the message as per tomhi ( 'Football Manager 2011.2.1f164501) as re-installed and updated with patch 11.2.1. Any ideas or help would be great

How did you get on smudgadudge?
HAHA!!!! I tried the above advice on my Football Manager 2010 and it worked but i didnt do everything exactly. First you gotta get the patch, then uninstall the fm game. Next you reinstall it and install the patch, if that doesnt work, then you reinstall it without uninstalling it first, then you install the patch again. That's what worked for me, hope it works for you.