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Football Manager 2012 : Arsenal Thread

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Aug 17, 2010
Where do I put that to make it work? Also anyone playing on the latest LFCMarshall patch? How much did you guys get for RvP since his refusal to sign a new contract? I sold him for 25m to Juventus.
instructions are in the downlaod folder.


Nov 13, 2009
If anyone is using a transfer update and wants an updated Cazorla face, I've done a one, but it isn't perfect. I may have slightly overdone the hair, something I always tend to do...

Looks like this in-game:



Feb 13, 2012
I woke up this morning actually thinking of selling theo. I actually play adam johnson on at AMR and he is doing a wonderful job. I have four wingers in theo aoc gervinho and johnson. Up top i have podolski fierro balotelli. In the centre at strongest i use song as a dlp defending wilshere as a cm attacking and hamsik as a dlp supporting. My disappointment however is lucas moura he just doesnt seems to be doing very well as yet. my back up players are tolga cigierci aaron ramsey sven bender walter arriasi (gen) moura theo ox podolski usually starts so balotelli and fierro are rotated. And my back four is jose angel vermaelen koscielny and sagna. My back ups are gibbs kyle bartley verthongen and romario and carl jenkinson at the rb posotion. I am in year 2015 and has just been knocked out by real madrid in the champions league quarter final. Won the league cup. And currently 4th in the league . Do you have any suggestions on how i should move in the transfer window


Sep 4, 2012
How is Santi Cazorla in this game ?
Cazorla was excellent for me in his first season, then some injury problems kept him from being too effective the next year. Now in year 3, he is still a very good player, but I signed Javier Pastore to add some spark to my CAM spot. I'm playing a 4-2-3-1 with Wingers rather than Inside Forwards, and Cazorla fills in very well as either a RAM or a LAM. He's still quick and a great passer, with excellent mental stats. The only complaint I have is that his Stamina isn't very impressive


Feb 27, 2009
my last Arsenal story(H)(H)(H)
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The best (H)
yes, I really like to sign all of this young supertalents, even some more, but I didnt see the real progression in players who do not play regurarly in your own team, even if they play regurarly in other teams, or on loans, simply good talents like Kovacic, Chamberlain, Rodriguez, Thiago, Canales, Eriksen... do not use their whole potential in lower teams, so it doesnt make sense to buy them, just because they are available...
despite it, I looove to sign the young stars from other worldclubs, like Lukaku and Jones, who have been offered to me, when they were unhappy :) ...would like to bring Bale for LB, but for now its impossible, and somehow he didnt develop as expected...

Best buys: Hazard-simply the best, and for that price, when unsettled(18M)... with MVilla, Sakho, Lloris, Rodwell(not very good in this save, just a cover for Ramsey(H) and MVilla) and probably Lucas or Rodriguez, who could rotate with Wilshere (first option for AMC/AMR), should all be at Arsenal(H)
on the other hand, there are a lot of players with potential, it really just depends, who do you like

Neymar(great as poacher, when settled down) and Gotze (mainly AMR-where he didnt score a lot, performed consistently high, and as rotation option for Hazard and Wilshere) were good, but for that amount of money, I would expect brilliance... I mean, I would go probably just for Lucas next time.

MVilla played as expected, but I would like to get him cheaper, Ramsey is great for the midfield, Sakho is a mustbuy, developed veryvery good, got him pretty cheap in January. For rotation I do recommend Kara

was a great steal, and really really great was Lukaku.

I have tried to get Bale for my LB, it didnt work, so I tried to sign unset Papadopulous, retrained him, what was really quick and performances were great, really proud of it, tried the same with Vrsajlko, but he didnt developed that well. Walker for the RB, when he moved, was a good piece of business. Niang for the future, I thought, he will be better at that age, but we still have time and will see.
yes... and a lot of youngsters, some with great attributes and potential, but l like to play more with real players. I love this squad and probably with few small additions we still have huge potential for couple of seasons.

so, have fun with playing until 2013 comes out

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Hugo Lloris should be def. an Arsenal star, I buy him amost every save (but cant get him for lower than 41M) so I tried Ter Stegen, not bad, but somehow Lloris should be in Arsenal...
Varane would make my Dream defence complete, and I think, that he would be much better under my command (H), than in RM, just 41M is a bit too much, and I cant get the price lower
Bale is somehow impossible to get from Tottenham, even if he is unhappy... ok, he isnt so good in this save, and I found a great replacement for him - Papadopulous from Schalke :) when retrained (LB)
I could get Lucas Moura straight in the first season, 24,5M when unsettled, but I realised, that I have got enough Players for AMC/AMR, and need money for other positions so.. I should go for him, he will always be a star, and I really like the way he played for Brazil in UK, and after Ive seen Leandro Damiao playing, would go for him either
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Superstars - just in the case they would negotiate with me in the earlier stages of the game, when I do not have all the others youngsters, they do not develop, just play and win games :) yeah, its nice to have them for some time :)
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other stars _ some were impressive, some not...
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