Football manager 2013 experts get in here.


May 22, 2013
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Might be stupid question idk
anyways can someone help me with this issue i have

How do can i have different players for different formations? let me explain. lets say i have 4 strikers, 2 of them play better in a 433 formation whilst the other better in a 442. Now when create the 442 formation and place the 2 players 'preferring' (lack of a better word) the 442 formation, why do they appear on my 433 formation? i want the other two players that prefer the 433 formation to play there.

It is so annoying like i want to have 2 different formations so i can choose which is best against my opponent. But lets say i want to switch to a 433 i have to go and change all the freaking players. surely there must be something im missing
Go into tactics, once you are in there look for a option saying "add tactic" down the left hand side, once you have added a tactic you can then swap between the two by clicking on a little sign the looks like a play sign, like when you press play on a video or music etc like this.. "|>" you can also add up to three tactics. Hope this helps.
You can also save a team selection. so when you change formations you can just select the team selection what you saved instead of changing them all individually.
Sorry for hijacking this, but I have a similar, though perhaps even more trivial, problem.

I have 3 tactics, like most people. I constantly switch between 2 of them, and the third is more of an all-out attacking option. I'll try to explain the issue as easily as possible, so have a look here first:
View attachment 344433View attachment 344434

When I switch between these two tactics, the anchor man in the defensive formation always gets put in the AMC role in the attacking formation. When I switch him back, the same problem occurs when I change back to the other formation. I tried creating the tactics all over again, from scratch - same problem. It's really frustrating, because the player instructions get switched with him. So I have to spend time on manually adjusting the player instructions for both players every time I switch between the formations.

There must surely be an easy solution for this? Like I said I've tried creating the tactics from scratch, didn't solve it. I tried saving the team selection, didn't solve it. Am I the only one with this problem? Am I overlooking something so incredibly obvious that I should be embarassed even to ask this question? It's giving me super-AIDS. In the eyes.