Football Manager 2014 Staff Requirements

Dec 3, 2013
All that matters is that you have staff. Their quality is almost irrelevant.

I have yet to see conclusive proof that it actually matters.


Jul 8, 2013
I am uploading a coach calculator here for those who would like to calculate the amount of stars a coach will receive in the different categories.


This calculator was designed for FM 13. Thus the calculations for Goalkeeping coaches ARE NOT CORRECT. All the other categories are still valid.

Also, I did not create this, and unfortunately I don't know who did.

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There is a smart phone app called 'FM Coach Calculator', originally created for FM13, that works perfectly well for all types of coach - including keeper coaches - for FM14. From memory, I don't think it was free but it was cheap. Now that my current save is fairly advanced, I really need it to make sure that the new coaches I hire are actually better than the pretty decent ones that I'm letting go. It certainly hasn't let me down so far.

It's by Kenti Apps and has overwhelmingly good reviews in the Play Store. Mine is an Android phone - I guess it's available on IOS, too, but I don't know for sure.


Sep 4, 2012
What about managing directors and chairmen etc how do their attributes affect the game? Im thinking of bringing back Ginola, Asprilla, Lee, Shearer, Malcolm McDonald etc in some kind of staff roles at NUFC replacing the likes of Mike Ashley, Joe Kinnear etc but want to know how their attributes will affect the managing experience for me.
Jan 23, 2013
Head of Youth and director of football are really only affected by hidden attributes, buying and selling player and negotiating i think determination and adaptability and potential and current ability are the only ones that are seen and of any benefit to them. you safe bet is one that used to be a manager eg walter smith or cantona


Jun 13, 2010
I posted this last year for Football Manager 2013 but the principles are the same as far as I am aware. I thought I would put this together again for this years Football Manager and hopefully it will help out anyone that needs it.

The best thing to suggest is to do a staff search and filter for the relevant criteria, that way you can see who is willing to join you. The relevant criteria is:

Assistant Manager:

Attributes worth considering for this role would be the usual Determination, Discipline and Motivation along with a coaching attribute (if you plan to use them to carry out training). As well as these, Tactical Knowledge, Judging Player Ability would be useful to provide accurate reports of players/opponents. Again, consider Adaptability if he is not from the nation your managing in.


Fitness (Aerobic/Strength) = Fitness, Determination, Discipline & Motivation.
Tactics = Tactical, Determination, Discipline & Motivation.
Ball control = Technical, Mental, Determination, Discipline & Motivation.
Attacking = Attacking, Tactical, Determination, Discipline & Motivation.
Defending = Defending, Tactical, Determination, Discipline & Motivation.
Shooting = Technical, Attacking, Determination, Discipline & Motivation.
Goalkeeping (Shot Stopping) = Goalkeeping, Determination, Discipline, Motivation (& Tactical*)
Goalkeeping (Handling) = Goalkeeping, Determination, Discipline, Motivation (& Technique*)

*credit to Mersk

Although Tactical and Technique appears to play a part, there is still a lack understanding as to what are the exact attributes needed for the best goalkeeping coaches on fm 2014. Unfortunately this has changed since previous versions of fm and therefore I will update appropriately once this has been clarified.

Man Management can be a helpful attribute and alternatively Working With Youngsters for any under 18s coaches. Also consider Adaptability if they are not from the nation your managing in.

Director Of Football:

If you require your DOF to look for players to buy then obviously judging player potential and ability is a requirement. If he is to do negotiations with transfers fees/contracts then consider the attributes of Motivating and Determination. Also, Adaptability no doubt will play a key part for when he looks for targets abroad as well as adapting to his new country if he is not from the nation your managing in.

Head Of Youth Development:
Working With Youngsters
Judging Player Potential
Adaptability (for foreign coaches to the country your managing in)

Reserve Manager:
Man Management
Tactical Knowledge (if first team tactics are not used by reserve manager)
Working With Youngsters (as the reserve manager will help with youth training)
Adaptability (for foreign coaches to the country your managing in)

Under 18s Manager:
Working With Youngsters
Tactical Knowledge (if first team tactics are not used by under 18s manager)
Judging Player Potential
Adaptability (for foreign coaches to the country your managing in)


Obviously Judging Player Ability and Potential are the two key aspects for scouts but it is also worth considering what you use your scouts for. From my own experience you want a tactical scout (Judging Player Ability and Tactical Knowledge, Motivation, Determination and Adaptability) who will give you the best information about upcoming opponents. Secondly a knowledge scout who will gain more knowledge from discovering more parts of the world and therefore increasing your scouting area (e.g. Asia). Adaptability, determination and motivation are key attributes for this. Additionally Judging Player Ability and Potential would be useful but any further scouting can be carried out by your other scouts. Thirdly, you want a potential scout who will just look for youth (Judging Player Potential, Motivation, Determination, Adaptability). Finally you want an ability scout who will search purely for players with current ability (Judging Player Ability, Motivation, Determination, Adaptability).

Chief Scout:

For this role I would consider a scout who has high attributes in both Judging Player Ability and Potential. Additionally consider Motivation, Determination and Adaptability. I use the chief scout for world scouting as well as gaining any additional scouting on players found by my ability/potential scouts, only if I require a second opinion.


Obviously Physiotherapy is the key attribute but also consider Fitness, Motivation, Discipline and Adaptabilty (if their not from your managing nation). Working with youngsters is also useful when looking for under 18s physios.

Additionally, positive personalities can help so it might be worth also taking that into consideration when looking for new staff.
hello, are these key attributes for the stuff roles up to date for the 2016 version ? ;-)