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Jul 8, 2010
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Football Manager Team Talk

Sorry about this lads, as I'm sure this is probably the last thing you want to read after a horrific advertising attempt from Tony. ;) But I haven't got a long list of previous fansites that I've begged to be admin for, and I haven't consistently spammed Base with these sorts of thread, so I hope you'll be considerate. ;)

Football Manager Team Talk (FMTT) is a brand new, up-and-coming Football Manager Fansite which focuses on providing not only top quality content but also allowing large amount of FM discussion. There are various hints, tips, tricks and guides as to how you can make the most out of your Football Manager game, whilst also offering various resources and downloadables for you.

We've seen various pieces of top quality content thus far, and have been open for a very short period. Outstanding contributions include "FM11: Tranmere Rovers Team Guide", "A Complete Overview of Mind Games" and "Nik_33's Data Packs", and various other pieces of quality material.

I'd be delighted to ask anyone to just have a look around, maybe give me and the team some feedback, and maybe even possibly sign-up. Any potential feedback is greatly appreciated by everyone at the site as we want to improve as a site, whether it be by adding new sections, getting a new logo etc etc.

Cheers, and it'd be appreciated if you guys could have a look around and maybe register.

Football Manager Team Talk
looks a nice site mate, nice colour scheme. But 1 FM site is enough for me but good luck
Well worth a look lads, nothing wrong with visiting other scene sites :)
The site is progressing well :). We have a lot of plans so please check us out!
May I just say, this was a much better way of going about advertising another site than we saw Tony do, so well done Eds. :)
Cheers for the comments lads, appreciate it.

And James, it seems his method works better though, as he got 40-odd replies. Ah well.
Cheers for the comments lads, appreciate it.

And James, it seems his method works better though, as he got 40-odd replies of abuse. Ah well.

corrected ;)
Yeah, but they ended up with a bad name across the scene, which is not a good thing.
I am a member there and I like it. We are progressing well and have a decent group of members. I believe it has potential :)
I'm not tryna be rude but I don't see why people keep making these sites knowing that they are gonna be in the shadow of Base and SI
Because they want to help people out. Geez, if you dont like it, dont comment.
I think everyone should check out football manager team talk it is still progressing and with more people i can progress quicker i have already joined
very good site :) you'd do well to check it out :)
The site has changed ALOT since I originally advertised here. Completely different layout, new ideas, new content, new members.

I'd be delighted if a few of you guys could check it out. :)
Major skin restructing (which you will be able to see if you sign up), and a lovely new feature coming soon.

Would really be great if a few of you guys over here could drop by and take a look. :)