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Football Manager: The game that created a community

Jan 17, 2010
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No real underlying point to this post really, more of a moment to appreciate a game that has given me far more than I've paid for. I've been playing Football Manger consistently since November 2009, FM10 was my first true voyage into the world of Football Management.

Before that, I've always been a FIFA player. I love the game but found random matches boring. I loved the season mode and trying to turn random unheard of teams into giants and this I did on a regular basis. My fondest memory was turning Salerno into Italian and European Champions without ever needing to break the 3 star reputation.

But there was something off about it, it seemed too easy. I wasn't sitting there, head in my hands nearly crying from a dodgy refereeing decision, or a sucker punch that sent me out of a cup final. I never wondered where I had gone wrong and agonizingly poured over my tactics to find the weak link. It never gave me any joy since the game almost wanted you to win, I found it patronizing.

Then came the day I spotted Football Manager in my local Game store. I bought it and after the initial, "What do I do?!?!" panic attack from the opening club screen, I found the game easy enough to get into. Now, playing it, that was a whole different story. Learning about how a formation works and the tactical approach, that was fascinating to me. Even figuring out, 'attacking dose not mean you will score' was humbling to me and I found myself addicted.

and when I won my first European Cup with Norwich, I actually went to a pub to celebrate with a few mates. It meant that much to me. A game that recreated the tension and emotion of actual football. And then when I thought It couldn't get better, I discovered this website. FM-Base.co.uk. has been a site I've been visiting regularly for just shy on 3 years now, and I don't think it will stop. I've grown familiar with the usual names and learned to value the opinions of guys like Mike, Raikian007, Jake, The Better Half ect.

The single greatest thing I love about this place is that there one two simple rules. Share what you know and love the game. I've tried to be as active as my knowledge allows, If I see people posting a problem that I actually know the answer to, I'll try help them out. I love this game and I want to see people enjoying it too. This website has greatly enhanced my FM playing experience and I only hope I can contribute to FM-Base doing the same to other FM players.

So in conclution, to every single person involved in making The FM-Base.co.uk one of Football Manager's greatest assets, you have my thanks.


This had me welling up ;)
But in all seriousness I agree with what you said, a former FIFA player myself I wisely made the move in 09 and have not since looked back.
Mar 15, 2012
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A nice post. I've never really played FIFA, though, as I'm rubbish at that kind of thing and it isn't my kind of game.