Jan 6, 2011
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As part of our Football Manager cheats series and our downloads for Football Manager i thought it would be perfect if i rounded up all of the saved games with rich owners from around the football manager world. So i have found a few clubs that have been taken over by rich tycoon's and you will no doubt be having fun with these clubs.

Download them all Here

St Mirren

This is a great save to download. We are in the first season still on the 30th December just before the January transfer window. St Mirren are well placed in 6th place, and there are some very good players who are willing to join you. They get a nice 10 million budget which you would no doubt be able spend easily, and you would be in a great position for the new season.

Portsmouth - New Owners

Well it has been well documented over numerous years about their financial issues. Yet it is time for the club to step back out of the doldrums and to start their march back to the Premier League. By the look of things you have a sugar daddy who is able to take you there. They will provide you with more than enough funds to push yourself up the leagues.


This Celtic side have been built up over numerous years and they are starting to produce even in Europe. The club has a number of old legends from over the years including Wayne Rooney and many more. The wage bill is very high, and their are not many homegrown players so no doubt their is still some work to do. Yet your transfer budget is huge.

Psv and AZ Alkmaar

Well this save will no doubt interest a lot of you. Two clubs in the same league, both of whom who have sugar daddy owners, how can this not interest you. You will have to go toe to toe with another club no matter who you choose, so it will not be easy domestically, and even then Europe will be even harder due to the reputation of Holland.

So these four will no doubt give you a bit of fun, it will also give you a bit of a challenge to. Anyway good luck with this and enjoy this Football Manager Download, and its not technically cheating at Football Manager.

Download them all Here