Football Manager Whizzkids FM14 Database Update


Dec 5, 2011
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Hello Everybody,
For the First time the Football Manager Whizzkids are Proud to be Bringing our FM13 Data Base update For the 2013/2014 Season To FM-BASE , This Data base includes;

All Transfers and Managerial changes
updated weekly from now till the First Week of semptember

All Promotions, Relegations and Europeon Competion Changes done for all the major Leagues across europe

A Few tweaks and Changes to the Database
to help ensure a few of our FM13 Hero's are on even the Smallest of Databases

Link to Download Football Manager Whizzkids FM14 DB update - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats Instructions on how to install it are in the download description.

I hope you all enjoy this update, many hours upon hours have been put into this since the SI 13.3 jan update to ensure it is up to date as possible.

After you Have Downloaded the DB please head on over to us at Football manager Whizzkids Here

And lets us know how your saves are going, Post your Screen Shots, Get player Advice or just get involved in the general Football Banter.

Thanks For your Time,
Andy, Admin For FM Whizzkids
Just to let you all Know next update will be this thursday 27/6/2013 update will include Luis Alberto at Liverpool, Van Dijk at Celtic among others, it will be released Late thursday night giving a chance for the Few deals in the pipe line at the moment to go through and be on the DB :D
New Update is now up and ready to download is up to date as of 20:00 27/06/2013
"XML parsing error, Unclosed token line at 12459 of JamesBeedieFM13Database(4) " Error is coming up when starting a new game
Latest Version is out, Up to Date as of 21:00 4/7/2013 thanks
Latest Version is out its now up to date as of 15/07/13 enjoy ^^)
DB is Up to Date as of 21/07/13, removed the pics with the download as they were older deals will add some more up to date pics with next DB update in a week Cheers and Enjoy (a)
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Hello Just uploaded the Latest Whizzkids DB its Up to Date as of 23/08/13 next time I will update it will be after the window ends on 2/09/13
Hello Just Added a New DB for the END of the Summer Transfer Window DB is up to date as of 3/09/213 Hope you all enjoy the DB thanks for Downloading
Not sure i have an old DB but it was marked as last updated on the 5/09. I noticed fellaini is contracted to manchester city. Not sure if there are any other mistakes?
I must have downloaded a modified copy, downloaded from this thread and its correct. Cheers :)
no mistakes m8 its up to date as of 23/09/2013 and fellani has never been contracted to city on the DB I have started 2 seperate saves on it and not noticed any mistakes