Jan 16, 2012
Reaction score
Hi all - I've started a game and the board's requirements are for me to be playing attacking football. The other philosophies are possession football and defensive football. I know what these are in terms of style of play, but what I want to know is:

-How does the game calculate what attacking/defensive/possession football actually is?

-How strongly will this affect my relationship with the board? E.g. If I don't get the team playing attacking football, would it be a factor in getting the sack? Or if the results aren't there but the 'attacking football' is, would that save my job?

Obviously every game is different, so there's not going to be a definitive set of rules to it. But any thoughts would be appreciated.
As far as I've been able to infer: attacking football = attempts on goal

As is often the case with new SI additions, I doubt the formula to calculate these is very complex. I'm glad the feature's there though, just needs some refining. As of now, I don't think it carries much weight in either way.
If you're getting results, they won't care what kind of football you're playing (In terms of getting sacked), and equally if you aren't getting the results playing the kind of football they want isn't going to keep your job.

It only really has an impact when you are doing alright, but not brilliantly, and if you are keeping to their philosophies you are more likely to be given more time to turn things around!
Presumably it's not so important then. Then again, if I was meeting with Abramovich it would be different. Would get sacked if I didn't win all my matches, get every trophy playing perfect football in my first season!