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Football Weekly Extra: Jack Wilshere and England tear strips off Brazilians

Jonathan Wilson's Articles (Bot)
Aug 1, 2010
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James Richardson has Barry Glendenning, Rafa Honigstein and big audio dynamite Rob Smyth in the pod for this distinctly international-flavoured edition of Football Weekly Extra.
We start by keeping our expectations in check after England beat Brazil 2-1, a game in which Jack Wilshere excelled and Neymar looked little more than two haircuts rolled into one.
Next, we round up the rest of the international friendlies – including wins for Wales, Scotland and Ireland – before tapping up our friend Jonathan Wilson, who has some words of wisdom about the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals. (Sadly, most of what he had to say about the triumphs of Nigeria and Burkina Faso failed to overcome transcontinental telephony, but hey, that's the showbiz for you...)
Finally, we wrap up the rest of the week's news, such as Alex McCleish and Nottingham Forest parting ways, before looking forward ever-so-slightly to return of the Premier League this weekend with mouthwatering fixtures like Stoke v Reading and Norwich v Fulham. Yes.
Jimbo's European paper review will be up on Friday, and Michael *** and Barney Ronay are due back in near-earth orbit on Monday. Until then, podders, here's Vanilla Ice's cover of Buffalo Soldier, Ralf Wiggum's heart breaking, and German singing sensation Heino.
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