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Nov 18, 2010
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How many of you feel that FM has broadened your footy knowledge.

For example I have learnt leagues that I had never heard off, Teams in my own city:O

what about you?
I have learnt general player knowledge and about teams in lower leagues
good thread ...... it definitely does help especially in the lower leagues you get to know some of the players and also you see some players that you know and think he used to play for so and so.
oh yeah its deffo helped to broaden my knowledge of football outside of england, main thing i have found is that i know sooo many capital cities of countries, i think ive picked that up from fm over time :)
It's helped me understand the way tactics work, plus as I play for a team IRL, I can put in a bit of my own brains on how to defeat the opponent now :p
who voted to say "no" it hasnt helped them??
It has helped me work with lower league teams.

Actually, it spurred me on to support Elgin in the Scottish Third <3
Probably helped me with LLM, and some of the lesser known players.