For Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - A Club and Country Challenge

Aug 16, 2010
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For Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan:
A Club and Country Challenge

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Background Info:

For this save I will be taking charge of both the Kazakhstan national side and also a club side in Kazakhstan, with the ultimate aim being to use the club side to produce players of a high enough quality to improve the national side and hopefully win a major tournament with Kazakhstan... Although that would be many, many years down the line! Also, wary of avoiding the problem I have encountered on my Aberystwyth story, I have decided to use a Soviet League structure so I will need to get a couple of promotions first before challenging in the top league.

Why Kazakhstan?

1) Firstly, I wanted to choose a nation who hadn't qualified for a major tournament in real life, which Kazakhstan haven't...

2) As previously mentioned, I liked the idea of playing within the soviet league as it should mean that the domestic side of the save never becomes a complete walkover.

3) There is also a strong possibility of getting players to gain Kazakh nationality, as it only takes 365 days to gain the nationality. Whether or not players will want to take it and play for the national side is, as of yet, a question unanswered.

Manager - Borat Sagdiev

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We're Kazakhstan, so why not?

Club Team - Shakhter Karagendy

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As you can see we have a decent stadium which should generate some nice income, however the facilities are awful. The board agree that the facilities should be improved, however they cannot currently find the funding to do so. We are predicted a mid-table finish and I'm hopeful we can achieve that, however I will go into more detail in an 'Introduction to the team' post. We are in the Champions League qualifying rounds, however this only apparently happens in the 1st season due to the database, and from the second season onwards continental qualification is dependent upon where you finish in the Soviet League. (I Think)

Soviet Second League - Ost

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Only one space for promotion, I would love it to happen in the 1st season but I don't think we'll have the squad to do so. Also can't have more than 3 foreign players in the match day squad (Non soviet union countries)

Story Structure:

I'm not 100% decided on how I will update this story. I am thinking of doing 3 set updates a year (Pre-Season, Mid-Season, End of Season) and then update if I have any other major reason to update, be that the youth intake, continental football or a domestic cup run. Then for the National side I will do yearly updates, where I will probably put less importance on them for the 1st few years as I can't imagine we will do too well... What do you think? I may still update my Aberystwyth story from time to time, however it was getting a bit stale and I needed a new challenge, something I feel this defiantly is!

My next update will be an introduction to Shakhter's squad and my transfer dealings if I have any...

will keep a eye on this would be fun if you update in the way borat would talk that would be epic
Definitely interested in this pal. Especially with my Dynamo Kyiv story ongoing. Transfers and other updates could be helpful for me. Also love the idea of this challenge good luck with it will be keeping an eye on updates.
Sounds like a great game to do. Good luck to you.
Shakhter Karagandy
September 2013

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No fewer than 8 players were incoming, with key national team player Khizhnichenko leaving to Qatar for a reasonable transfer fee. A nice profit made here, but the squad depth is a lot better for these transfer dealings...


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I'm pretty happy with the transfer dealings I managed to make here. The players brought in are mostly quite old but should be good enough for this level and maybe back up for when we get promoted. The three Russian lads brought in for transfer fees are especially strong for this level and help to make us very hard to break down. Would have liked to find a great striker but we had to settle for what we got... They aren't bad but I don't see any of them getting 30+ goals this season....


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A brilliant striker who would have torn apart this league in my opinion, however he was on £25,000 a week which was over half of our budget and was stopping me from bringing in reinforcements. I was hoping to get a little more than I did for him but was just pretty happy to sell him in the end. He will still be a key part of my plans for the Kazakh national side!

First Team Squad:

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We have a pretty good squad for the level in my opinion. We may be lacking a flair player who can create a chance out of nothing, but we have plenty of players who are solid defensively and I don't think we will concede many goals. With that in mind, I have chose to go for a rigid attacking 4-3-3 with a direct style of play which has proved pretty successful so far...


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Key Players:

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These are all players who I feel would not be out of place in the division above us. I especially like the look of Kazakh winger Kukeev, who is only a few physical stats away from being a really great winger in my opinion.

Results so far:

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A pretty solid start from the boys, we were always expected to get beat in the CL qualifiers so I was actually pretty pleased with the performances. Onto the league now and we have won 4 out of 4 so far which is an extremely good start. I'm hoping we can continue this form throughout the season as only the top spot gains automatic promotion and only the second spot gets into the playoffs. I would be happy with top 6 in all honesty, as I'm still not sure whether we have a good enough squad depth if we have an injury crisis. We have however, been knocked out of the People's Cup (Soviet equivalent of the Johnson's Paint Trophy) but I really couldn't care less as there are 42 league games in the season and the Soviet Union Cup (FA Cup equivalent) will probably be more financially rewarding if we can progress...

My next update will be after my final national team game of the year with Kazakhstan, before updating the clubs progress during the Winter break, after the January Transfer Window. What do you think of the 1st update and is there any other screenshots or info you would like to see?

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3 wins and 3 losses, a pretty decent start by my reckoning. The 2-1 victory over Ireland was very unexpected and it was the lad who I sold from the club for £1,600,000 who got the two goals, putting in a man of the match performance up front. However, the defeat at home to the Faroe Islands was every bit as bad as the Ireland result was good! They are the worst team in the group and to not be able to beat them is unacceptable!

My plan going forward for the national team is very simple, we must organize friendlies against nations of a similar level to us ability wise but who have a decent world ranking to try and help us move up the world rankings, and therefore hopefully get better draws when it comes to the qualifying group.

Key Players:

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All 3 are decent little players. Hopefully we will be laughing at these being 'key players' in 20 or 30 years time, when we have the Kazakh Messi or Ronaldo!


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So far I have been using JP Woody's counter attacking 4-4-2 which I used for many years with Aberystwyth. It has proved very effective in games where we were underdogs, especially the Ireland game where they only created one chance all game! However, I feel I need to work on a second tactic for games against teams where I expect us to win, such as games against the Faroe Islands...

World Rankings:

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A nice little increase from when I took over!

World Cup Qualifying Group:

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I would be pretty happy to finish in 5th as it is where we would be expected to finish, however I'm hoping to pull of at least 1 more upset against Austria or Ireland and sneak 4th place. 6th Place would be a disaster!

Next update will be a winter break update with Shakhter, including league results so far, our Soviet Cup performance and any transfer dealings. Once again, if there's any screenshots or info you want then just ask...