for god sake will some one help me with my leeds save


Aug 11, 2009
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Im begining to tear my hear out now on fm 2010 i used a tactic from this site cant remember which one and had amazing results with leeds took them from league 1 to a champions league title. Now on 2011 no matter what tactic i try that everyone raves on about nothing works at all iv posted before with no help at all i would really appriciate it if some one who is playing with leeds could offer some advice this is my current squad and tactic -

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Again please please someone help before i go bald play this game. (im even begining to think its programed against Leeds no matter what i do! lol)
You're in 7th at the end of November. Surely that's good enough for a newly promoted side?
I dont think 7th is that good i managed to win the league using the ghost tactic but it was no good in the premier league. Ill give the ghost tactic one more try. should i plug and play the ghost tactic or tweak it?
Try being in the relegation zone with Newcastle at Christmas, that ain't much fun.

If you ask me, 7th is pretty good.
Id try jp woodys high scoring tactic if you think you should be doing better. Its plug and play so dont use shouts.

Also dont expect miracles from your team.