Jan 11, 2009
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On the 11 May 2013 prior to the FA Cup final at Wembley, the FA have called a large press conference to reveal their new plans for the development of English football for the years as ahead, much speculation has been spread as to how the FA plan to revive a national team playing well below par and additionally years behind their great rivals such as Germany in its Youth development.


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With a room packed full of press and all the FA hierarchy present, David Bernstein welcomes everybody to Wembley, after a short introduction he hands straight over to Sir Trevor Brooking 'The FA's Director Of Football Development'.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I finally see the future of English football, for too many years now we have reminisced on the past glories of 1966, this stops now!

I am proud to announce the launch of a new English football club 'FA Academy' this club will play at Wembley stadium and be afforded all the benefits of exceptional training and youth facilities at St Georges Park.

What does this mean i hear you say?

After Truro FC were withdrawn from the Blue Square South division, i have obtained permission to replace them with the 'FA Academy'. The team will be solely made up of players of English heritage, but the FA will afford the manager with 1m in transfer budget and spare wage budget to sign English players worldwide.

For too long now our young English players have been signed by big tea
ms worldwide but never afforded the chance to break into the first teams through the vast amount of foreign players in the league, from there on their talent is wasted and potential is never fufiled, thus harming our national team.

I want to see this team develop and progress and finally claim the English PL from the g
rasps of foreigners and take our dominance to the European level and become all conquering champions of Europe.

And ENGLAND??? European & World Champions with a squad of FA Academy born and bred players of course!"

"Now over to England Manager Roy Hodgson"


I am totally behind this project and encourage all young English players to join the FA Academy revolution. I am pleased to announce that the new manager of FA Academy will be Rookie Mark Lowman, he has football running though his veins and even though he has never managed before i believe it is just as important to develop young Englisg managers in this system as well as players. To assist Lowman in his future endeveors i have assigned Manchester United legend Gary Neville as his assistant manager"

Mark Lowman enters the room in Mourinho style vigor......................

"1966 will soon to be a thing of the past, i will nurture players to the summit of English and World football, all i ask is that all those English players around the globe currently rotting in reserve and u 18 squads join the Lowman revolution and ignore the evils of high wages in order to play football, i thank all members of the FA who have faith in me and assure them i will not fail, i am a special one!!!!!

End of Conference

These are the rules guys: -

  • [*=center]Only sign players with a English heritidge ie. 100% English, 50% English 50% welsh,german,polish will be accepted as long as have havent played internationally and declared for the other nation.
    [*=center]As soon as one of your players plays internationally for a team other than England there are no longer to be played and thus sold.
    [*=center]Take overs will be allowed and seen as a third party investment into english football.
    [*=center]All staff are to be English.
    [*=center]The aim is to develop your team from LL Football to PL and Europen champions
    [*=center]England national team management is allowed and will be seen as additional acheivements if you win silverware with them.
I have started with the default database, and loaded up all players from the nation of England.
My manager experience has been set up as automatic

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Please feel free to have a go at my challenge and keep me updated on your progress as i will as do!

Good Luck Guys!

A point system will be awarded as follows...

Win the PL30
Win the Championship*20
Win League one*15
Win League two*10
Win the Blue Square Premiership*10
Win the Blue Square North*10
Win the FA cup20
Win the Capital One Cup10
Win the Community Shield5
Win the JPT2
Win the FA Trophy2
Qualify For Europa5
Win Europa15
Qualify for CL10
Win CL20
Win the Super Cup5
Win the World Club Championship15
u18 league win5
u18 Cup win2.5
England U19 Manager10
England U21 Manager20
England Manager!30
Euro Qualification10
Euro round of 165
Euro Round of 85
Euro Quarter's5
Euro Semi's10
Euro Winners!20
World Cup Qualification20
WC Round of 1610
WC Quarter's10
WC Semi's20
WC Winners!40

* = If you gain promotion you are entitled to HALF to points awarded to winning the league you are being promoted from.

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Sounds decent but you should come up with a point system and a table to the best performers