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Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story


Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - Fernando Ricksen Story

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Fernando Ricksen was a dutch fullback mostly known by myself for his time at Glasgow Rangers, A hardman on the field and a cracking player who played his part in much success at my club. Unfortunately for Fernando who was diagnosed with MND or ALS as some may know it and has lost the ability to do alot of things include speak. A sad thing to happen to a legend in my eyes, My son went to his charity match and you really see how much footballers mean to so many people as a legends match to raise money for Fernando had a packed out Ibrox - The 1st in years through what happened to the club however that's neither here nor there - My son got to witness a full house Ibrox there to support a wonderful man who is now struggling in life something that brought tears to mine and thousands of others eyes watching him being carried around the stadium by his team mates.

Fernando has shown great strength through all this and is determined to beat the disease like no one has in the past! The sad thing is he most likely won't however he is forever in my prayers and I hope he and anyone else affected can overcome this horrible disease which wasn't vastly known until recently with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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The Lion Brand have a lovely top which is to raise money for Glasgow Rangers however also brought out an Orange Ricksen top which all funds go to Ricksens charity and MND, He also has is own website Official Fernando Ricksen Clothing Range - FR2 which is also a way to raise funds for the charity & Fernando's daughter Isabella so take a look.

Fernando Started and Ended his career at Fortuna Sittard who play in the Eerste Divisie which is the 2nd division in the dutch league, I will make my manager Fernando Ricksen as a Pro Player and will take over Fortuna & try build them to a successful club in Holland and Europe (hopefully).

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Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

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After the season finishes I hope the create a tournament for the start of the season bringing all the main clubs Fernando played for over for a small league, Rangers, AZ & Zenit! Hopefully all the clubs will accept and I can have a mini-league, In this save I don't know whether or not I will leave Fortuna however if I choose to do so I will only leave for one of those clubs and also aim to make the national team and turn them into a success! So far I plan to stick with Fortuna as long as possible and make them a huge force in dutch football & this is only the beginning!

Here's a look at how Ricksens Other teams are doing at the start of the year....

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Az were knocked out the Dutch Cup early on however sit pretty in 2nd place in the league behind PSV, It is a close battle between 1st & 5th with 8 points splitting them all, Heres hoping as my affiliate club they do well and can push on to maybe win that league however I do fancy PSV to take it.

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Haven't got the Russian leagues loaded so have done that now, So no league table for them however in europe they were knocked out the Champions League & Now face Partizan in the Europa League First Knockout Round.

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Rangers have been awful so far this season sitting in 4th place, Knocked out the Scottish cup understandably by Celtic however losing twice to Dumbarton in the league cup and Petrofac cup is embarrasing. Kenny McDowall was sacked and Cowdenbeath manager Jimmy Nicholl has taken charge.

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The National team sit comfortably on top of their Euro group on 100% as expected with an easy group, Holland should qualify no bother and get to France in 2016.

The little club dilema.

Obviously we are not a huge club and are only finding our feet which is giving me a headache now as players are approaching to say they want to leave to join certain clubs that are rumoured to want them, Some of them are key players and ones I don't want to lose however I cannot keep unhappy players so anyone who comes to me will be allowed to leave so long as I receive an acceptable offer for them & I am positive I can replace anyone in the squad with my youth or bring someone in. Hopefully no bids come in and these players will remain with us and want to stay when/if we get promoted.

One of my favourite youth players at the club Van Rijswijk has signed for Anderlecht in a 325k deal, The deal is that Van Rijswijk will join Anderlecht at the end of the season, I am gutted I have sold this player as I enjoyed playing him and was determined to have him as my main winger in the top league however the money was too good to refuse and I'm certain I can replace him at the end of the season but I wish him all the best at Anderlecht.

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The league fixtures speak for themselves as we breezed through it losing only 1 game in the new year when the league was already won, 24 games unbeaten we managed to go going from October 3rd until 4th of April!

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Well obviously I have left out 2 fixtures which have been reported down the bottom

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After 32 games played we have secured the league title and promotion to the top division after a fantastic season, With 6 games to go we can use our squad to try out some youth players for the new season however I will continue to play a strong 11 to keep morale high as we face PSV soon (wrote this before games were done and as soon as I won the league)

Pleased with the praise I have been getting from other managers and hopefully I can pull wonders next season coming up against the top teams in Holland in the top division, We have already faced some of the clubs such as Feyenoord & soon PSV obviously being in the same league as them is different from a cup competition but heres hoping we can give a good account of ourselves and stay up next season however I still have this season to complete and I am staying focused.

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First of all I was dealt with the blow of several players being out injured such as Vankan, Tankovic and then we miss our star striker Seku Conneh who is away with the international squad for a stupid friendly so we will need to do without some key players against the best team in Holland.

What has to be the greatest result of my season so far as we manage to knock PSV out the cup, Players such as Depay, Willems, Wijnaldum & Guardado all played and gave our boys a tough task and I'm delighted we showed strength and courage. We took the lead through our stand in striker who I had faith in all along (Van Rijswijk) and then bringing Roshanali off the bench was a great choice as he repayed me with a wonder goal 3 minutes from time! Dengering I felt was harshly sent off however we managed to hold off until penalty's which thankfully we held our nerve including our keeper hitting the 2nd penalty and saving the last!

*Both Centre backs Dengering & Janssen will be suspended for the Final.*

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Fortuna Sittard Vs Sc Heerenveen

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Feyenoord's Home Stadium.

Heerenveens road to the final was easy compared to Fortuna's as they knocked out Drachten 2-0 before facing Feyenord AV of the lower leagues 2-1, Achilles'29 were up next as they managed another 2-1 victory before facing FC Eindhoven in the quarter final winning 3-1 on that occassion. Excelsior was the toughest task they had and the only team in the same division they had to face and managed to overcome that task on penalties however were also down to 9 men.

Heerenveen finished 7th in the top league and will be looking to add silverware to their season which has been standard for them finishing as expected.

Fortuna Sittard had a difficult path to get to the final taking on some huge teams, The easiest task was in the 2nd round as we beat Excelsior M 2-1, Our first top division clash came against Willem who we managed to hammer 4-2 going on a lot more. FC Twente were also easily brushed aside as we cruised to a 2-0 victory in front of our own fans. Feyenoord was our hardest task as far and we managed to defend well holding them off and snatching a 1-0 victory to set up a match against PSV which was the match of the season overcoming the Dutch champions on penalties.


Fortuna Team: Kaya, Turan, Vets, Luckassen, Kis, Zelalem, Briels, Rijswijk, Gulpen, Haps, Conneh (c)

Heerenveen Team: Nordfeldt, Van Anholt, Otigba, Van Aken, Barbosa, Bukis, Thern, Thorsby, Larsson, te Vrede, Duinen


Half Time

Fortuna 0 - 1 Heerenveen
Mike van Duinen (15)

A fairly even match in the first half however Heerenveen were more clinical with the only chance they had on target. Hopefully we can improve our performance and get some more chances at goal.

Full Time
Fortuna 0 - 1 Heerenveen

Mike van Duinen scored the only goal of the game and was the hero for sc Heerenveenas we failed at the final hurdle, Overall they were the slightly better team and our long hard season showed. I'm very proud of how well we played throughout and held our own against the top clubs in the league which can give us hope next season! Gutted we lost in the final especially to a team lower than several we beaten but sometimes thats the nature of the beast and we can still be very proud of our performance as realistically we shouldn't have been in the final! Next season we will try again.

*Just realised that If I had won the cup I would have been in europe next season which makes it more gutting we never won it however we will keep chasing the dream*

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So the curtains have closed on the season and we finished top by a huge way, We broke the record points & goals scored in the league with 95 Points to our name & 109 goals which gaves us a massive 83+ goal difference, We were expected to finish around 10th and were 150-1 to win the league so there you have it! We lost 3 games the whole season and one of them was near the end of the season when we rested our players.

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Well as we all knew would happen Seku Conneh was top goalscorer by a mile scoring 34 goals, the next closest was 17! The best average rating in the league was from Lars Gulpan who had an outsanding season pitching in with 12 assists and an AVG of 8.09.
Top of the leaderboard for assists was Jelle van Rijswijk with 18 who also pitched in with 8 goals and will be sorely missed when he joins Anderlecht! We avoided the red and yellow card stats which is a good achievement as we were well disciplined most of the time.

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Psv managed to win the top league comfortably in the end with Ajax 2nd, AZ finished 5th and play in a playoff spot for a place in europe.

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AZ finished 5th as expected in the league and played in a euro playoff for a spot in the competition next season, They done us a huge favour sending several players on loan who performed extremely well for us. Worried our affiliation might be cut due to us now being in the same league as them. AZ lost out in the euro playoffs to FC Groningen.

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Already said had no league info this season however in Europe they got to the Europa 2nd round before being knocked out by Krasondar

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Rangers had a poor season finishing 2nd to Hearts in the league which they were expected to win, New manager Jimmy Nicholl has helped them perform a little better and will be hoping to have a better season from the start however a terrible loss to Hibs in the Playoffs means Rangers will spend another year in the Championship.

Friendly Tournament Arranged

I had planned to do this tournament and have Zenit, Rangers & AZ all play at it however Zenit & Rangers both refused (disgrace) due to club stature and travel. AZ, Feyenoord & Groningen have kindly accepted to play in the tournament for pre-season and hopefully in the future I can have all of Ricksen's teams playing in it.​
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Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

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Thanks to a successful season we are delighted to announce a huge profit of £3.9million.

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Unfortunately our top league has dropped down a position in the rankings list, Hopefully our clubs can perform better this year and one day I will be able to get the nation top the top.

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I will have this an annual event hopefully I can have AZ, Zenit & Rangers every year as I said before however I will keep this league each year which will be known as the MND Cup. Obviously the results mean nothing however AZ won the group hammering Groningen & beating Feyenoord only losing to us (Fortuna) on the opening game.

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Obviously expected as we are now in the same division, Managed to still keep some of their players on loan though but hopefully we can be better than them in the season as we play them in our first away match of the season!

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Pre-season is seen more as a way to get fitness up so results don't really matter, Getting the team to gel would be key however most of our team stay the same so doesn't take to much to sort it out. We won 3 out of the 4 friendlys anyway drawing the first, Hopefully we can use it to start the season well which is key.

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We are tipped to finish 10th this season which is huge pressure on us as were only just promoted, Our expectation in the cup is to make it to the 4th round.

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Obviously it's hard to place us anywhere without playing however based on our performances last season if we can carry that on then we should manage to stay up easily! Looking at the fixtures for the year until January we have some tricky months especially November when we have Feyenoord, PSV, Twente & Ajax in the whole month.

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The world cup qualifiers handed Holland a tricky group as they will face Slovenia, Sweden & Turkey in some stern tests, Albania & Malta are also in the group however should be swept aside and I still fancy Holland to qualify.

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Decided to do 3 monthly updates just now rather than 6 which might keep people a little more interested and at least have some more updates reguarly.
So obviously the pre-season was in July so that's been covered so I will now cover the competitive matches in August & September.
The month of August and our first spell in the top division began so well picking up 3 wins in a row including a victory over our old affiliate AZ which was then followed by two draws before winning the last match of the month in style, Seku Conneh bagged a double in his last game for the club as he moves on to a new adventure.

View attachment 222958

View attachment 222957

If I was told at the start of the season my first defeat would come at the end of September 8 games into the league I would have laughed at you but we have managed to accomplish that as the last game of the month against Zwolle saw us lose for the first time at the hands of our old striker Seku Conneh! A storming 4-0 victory saw Djalo & Postiga debut & score for our club as we seek to replace Conneh.

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A whole host of teams have invited me for interviews however I am delighted with life just now & have no intention of leaving. My job is with Fortuna and I intend to continue with it & I wouldn't disrespect Fortuna & their fans by speaking to another club.

View attachment 222953

We sit 3rd in the top league at the moment which is fantastic! The only teams in front of us are PSV & Ajax which I will take no problem. Our test next month will be to bounce back from the defeat and hopefully keep morale high as we have some tricky months ahead especially November.


Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

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Some more offers coming in from England who seem to rate me highly, Again staying loyal to my club and fighting to keep them up.

View attachment 222835

Started the month off badly losing our first 2 matches giving us 3 defeats in a row something which I had to change before it affected us! We should have won the match vs Den Haag who were down to 10 men but we played poorly and scraped a draw, Thankfully the cup gave us some much needed confidence which we took into the Feyenoord match and performed out our skin destroying them 4-0 on the TV!

A few more english teams have offered me interviews including Huddersfield, Bolton and the biggest yet Southampton!

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Obviously with previous history with the club I have been touted as favourite for the Zenit job, As much as I would love that job I don't feel it's the right time to leave Fortuna so I will turn down any offers that come my way. Sorry Zenit.

Az job has also became available and was in the running for that also with my links with them again though Fortuna is the place for me right now.

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Our trickiest month by far and we managed to walk away with 6 points from 9 losing only to Ajax! We are performing outstandingly at the moment and enjoying life in the top league although it is pretty tight and we are sitting 3rd on 30 points along with 2 other teams in 4th and 5th.

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Just put pen to paper to confirm I am staying with the club and not leaving to any interested party, a 2 year contract extension at present lets hope its successful.

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Terrible start being hammered in the first game however we learned from that and conceded no more goals as we won all 3 games 6 points & a place in the Quarter final of the cup against Herenveen who beat us in the final last year.

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Sitting nicely in 3rd place at the end of the year is fantastic, Predicted 10th and are 12 points clear of that at the moment and only 4 points behind PSV! Hopefully we can keep our form and stay up that table maybe even make europe next year.



Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

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We only played 3 competitive fixtures this month due to the winter break, We drew in our first match back despite going down to 10 men however the 2nd match was a great feeling as we knocked out Herenveen in the Dutch cup the team who beat us in the final last year, This sets up a glamorous tie against PSV again in the Semi-Final. Our last match came against GA Eagles which ended in defeat as we played poorly and even managed to miss a 90th minute penalty to add to our misery.

View attachment 222736

An unbeaten month as we rise to 2nd in the league 3 points clear of current champions PSV! We scored a load of goals this month with 2 hat-tricks involved! One from midfielder Zelalem & the other from striker Diarra who bagged a goal in every game and had him at 7 goals in 5 games.

View attachment 222735

March was another great month as we extend our unbeaten run by winning every game this month, scoring a whopping 18 goals in 5 matches, We remain in 2nd place in the league and for the 2nd year running we knocked PSV out the cup to get to the final! This time we play Ajax but hopefully we will not lose a 2nd final in a row, We are buzzing right now.

View attachment 222734

The table at the end of the month looks amazing as we sit 5 points clear of PSV with only 4 games to go! We also sit 5 points behind Ajax in a fight for the title however they should take that comfortably. We take on PSV next and Ajax is our final 2 games of the season 1 being the cup final & the final game being the league which could be a decider depending on results until then however I fully expect them to have won the league by then.


Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

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A dreadful start to the month as we were destroyed by PSV in what could be a crucial match, A slip up against FC Twente could also prove vital as we sit 3 points clear of PSV with only 1 game to go which is against Ajax! We hammered Vitesse boosting morale before our cup final which is up next.

View attachment 222721

Ajax win the league as expected with 2 games to go.

View attachment 222720

A 2nd cup final in a row for us as we take on the Champions Ajax in a double header which is crucial in our season, Although we have performed way above expectations to come this far and lose it all again would be devastating.

View attachment 222719

View attachment 222718

Best Final Ever ?

Many people are saying that final was the best ever, especially Fortuna fans & it certainly had everything for the neutrals! Ajax stormed into a 3-1 lead before we pulled out a miracle bagging two goals in 7 minutes to bring us level! Van Rijswijk came off the bench to give us a what seemed could have been a winner however 6 minutes before time Ajax star man Zivkovic spoiled the day equalizing. We went through the drama of extra time to no finish as we stepped up for the penalty shoot out in which everyone hit a penalty including goalkeepers! 30 penalty's in total where hit and it was the 30th that was missed by Ajax midfielder Anwar El Ghazi giving us our first ever cup win which seemed to have escaped us again.

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View attachment 222714

We done it again! Beating Ajax in the final game of the season in Amsterdam gave us a big night out in the Capital! 2nd place and cup winners in our first season in the big league is a fantastic achievement. Could not have imagined this happening in a million years however it has which puts more pressure on us next season to do it again.

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View attachment 222711

4 points behind Ajax in the league & 5 points clear of PSV, We scored the most goals in the league showing we have great attacking skills and are great to watch! Diarra finished 2nd in the scoring charts behind PSV striker Osvaldo who bagged 22 goals compared to Diarra's 21. Djalo was vital to our season and a key signing as he bagged 14 assists which was the most in the division.

View attachment 222710
Beat our Diarra by 1 goal but played WAY more games

View attachment 222709
Well deserved Zelalem

View attachment 222708
Might sound like sour grapes but this is bullshit, He won the league with only 2 games to spare and lost in a cup final to me.

View attachment 222707

As we see from the table AZ had a dreadful season finishing 14th in the league, I think due to my connection with Fortuna now I will rule out a move to AZ any time in the future so the only two possible jobs I will take is Rangers or Zenit, Oh and Holland of course.

View attachment 222706

Zenit won the Russian league taking the title back from CSKA who were the holders of the Russian title, Zenit were knocked out of europe losing to Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League playoffs & going out to Marseille in the first knockout round of the Europa again. They were also knocked out of the cup in the Semi Final meaning the league is the only piece of silverware they can win, Think they need a bit of Ricksen in their side!

View attachment 222705

Well another **** season for Rangers as they are in the Championship playoffs rather than winning the league and getting a straight promotion, Embarassing. They did win the Petrofac cup however lost in the 3rd round of the league cup to Partick Thistle & lost int he fifth round of the Scottish by St Johnstone. Rangers finally earned promotion thanks to a close victory over Kilmarnock, Beating them 2-1 with a late goal in the first leg away from home before drawing 1-1 at Ibrox to secure promotion, However I can see the getting relegated again next season as they are a poor side.

View attachment 222704

Nothing really to report on the National side until after this summer with the Euro's Georgia, Austria & Greece stand in the way of qualification to the knockout stages, I will give a report on the Euro's.


Nov 28, 2008
Thanks! Never expected it to go so well, Hopefully can get a good run in europe but time will tell at least its an experience.

The final was so nerve wracking my stomach was in knots haha! Thought we had blown it again at 3-1 but to come back was immense then the penalties! I couldn't watch it was so gripping it seemed like it was going to just keep going, We were unlucky in the league but I reckon if I had played Diarra from the start we would have won more games than we did and could have potentially won the league but wheres the fun in that!


Nov 28, 2008
Not played much since last update! Working like crazy. Hopefully have one or two up by the end of the week.


Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

View attachment 221985

Season 3: June-August

View attachment 221984

3 job interviews came my way again as the new season approaches, Newcastle United, Sheffield United & Vitesse all want me to attend interviews all of which were declined as I have unfinished work to do here with Fortuna in Europe!
Nac Breda & CSKA Moscow also offered interview.


View attachment 221983

View attachment 221982

View attachment 221981

View attachment 221980

Dreadful campaign for our national side as we crash out in the groups with only 1 win in an easy group! surely that will see the end of Jan Jansen in charge! Isit too soon for me to be offered the job ?

View attachment 221979

Jansen was obviously sacked for his poor performance, I have applied but don't expect to get it, Seedorf looks favourite for the job hopefully he fails aswell.

View attachment 221978

View attachment 221977

No one expecting us to repeat our achievements from last season however my players feel different and want to qualify for Champions league again!

View attachment 221976

The champions league draw puts us against French giants Monaco in the first stag eof our european journey.

View attachment 221975

Defeat didn't really mean much today, It would have been nice to win it however it's not the end of the world and we are still lacking fitness. We were well beaten but it shows we need more strength in the attacking front without Gulpen, Zelalem & Oduwa we were short and lost going forward.

View attachment 221974

My biggest job offer yet as Chelsea asked to speak to me, Obviously turned down.

View attachment 221973

Not putting up pre-season this season as it is irrelevant so, Defeat to Monaco in the first league of the Champions league is hard to take as we played well from the beginning and lost 2 away goals which is never good although I didn't expect to get through against them anyway we will do our best in the 2nd leg! Good win in the league opening our season with 3 points & Diarra bagging a double.

View attachment 221972

I decided to apply and take on the Dutch national U21 squad which gets my foot in the door, Hopefully I can boost our nation and bring through some great youth maybe even snap them up for my own club also.

Hope people are following and enjoying :)


Nov 28, 2008
Fortuna Sittard - A Fernando Ricksen Story

View attachment 219866

Due to being busy working I haven't been able to complete updates however have managed to squeeze in some gametime and finished the season.

Season 3:


View attachment 219865

This was a bit of a mess up as I had actually beaten Ajax before my laptop overheated and cut out meaning I had to play it again & lost it. As you can see from the fixtures we were well beaten by Monaco & Tottenham in Europe which was expected due to our first time in it and the money the other clubs have available to them but we put up a not bad fight, not great though.

View attachment 219864 View attachment 219863

We won the last game of the season vs PSV to draw level with them on points and despite beating them twice in the league they still managed to win it on goal difference, However I am glad they won it as I said before the save was replayed and they had tied it up with 3 games to spare last time so would have been slightly tainted had I won it although we were very unlucky.

View attachment 219862

View attachment 219861

I am very saddened to leave the club at this time however I feel I need to move on in my career and don't know how much further I could have taken Fortuna, I love the club and it is very dear to my heart and who knows maybe one day I will return ? I hope I have left the club in a stable way and someone can step in and continue where I left off however I felt I needed a new challenge and I am unsure where that lies however I will focus on Holland U21's for the moment until the correct opportunity opens.

I would like to thank everyone at the club, my staff, players & most importantly the fans who have backed me so well over the last 3 seasons I thank you all very much.



View attachment 219860

Started off great to my u21 career taking us through to the euro champs beating Italy easily in a playoff.

View attachment 219859

The Euros didn't go well what soever for us and we managed to make it 6 games in a row without winning in the Euro Championships (obviously wasn't just me who failed)
Germany & Spain were tough asks for us and both proved so by beating us 3-1 and 2-0, I was forced to come home early due job offers so handed the post to my assistant to finish of the campaign and try win the managers position.

View attachment 219858

Hopefully this doesn't hamper my chance to get the first team job in the future however I couldn't do anymore with that team than I had done and I had to focus on my career as a club manager now that I am out of both jobs sadly I will look to a new country to go forward, I have had one approach and looks like I could be accepting as I delayed until after the Euro's, I am going to avoid going to Rangers & Zenit just now as I feel the leagues would be too boring however if the times right and the jobs become available I may take them but right now I am going to change the course and go elsewhere.

Sorry for the time its taken to update.


Apr 14, 2015
Well done sir! I don't think I would have been able to leave at that point, having been so close to the title... :p


Nov 28, 2008
Well done sir! I don't think I would have been able to leave at that point, having been so close to the title... :p
I know it was tough, The fact I beat them twice in the league and still lost it really demotivated me & felt a new challenge was needed.