**** forward injuries!


Jan 31, 2007
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3rd Season with Everton. Was top after 24 games above Chelski, then within the space of 2 weeks between Dec-Jan all of my strikers got injured, Walcott 3-5 months torn calf muscle, Cahill same injury, Beattie out for 3 months, Johnson out with ankle injury for 6 weeks, Stokes out for similar....McFadden out 5-7 months with cruciate ligament damage. Ended up finishing 3rd...gutted, it was all going so well!

Am I making them chase down people too much? All injuries happened during games. Hardly and of my midfielders and defenders picked up long term injuries this season. Anyone else have forward injury probs? :irked:
When i do an injury crisis i do it properly :irked:!! Everyone gets injured..not only strikers!!! Whats their training on??
surely u cud have boought sum1 if it was jan tho
Not really anyone of quality, I had under £1million of transfer budget left, and could only offer a wage of up to £650 per week due to my other January signings (which were made before my striker crisis)!!!

Luckily I have got rid of quite a few players not needed and can now spend a fair bit in the summer, amazing how much more money the board suddenly stumps up once your in the CL!