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Oct 25, 2010
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I sat in my home in Birmingham alone, it was a stormy night and i had just returned from Tesco with a new game, it was called 'football manager' i only got this because i had recently lost my job as a manager. I opened a can of beer and ordered a take away and was relaxing on my couch. I decided to start with Swansea a team i like and they have real promise, i also found a website called FM-Base and i downloaded LFCMarshall's summer update to make it realistic, i typed my name ' Joseph Southern ' i was unemployed and i knew that. I missed football so much. I needed to return to football management.

I popped up only to see that Sven has been sacked by Leicester, i rushed to my door put on my coat and shoes and rushed to my car and made my way to the Leicester City training ground. It was 10am in the morning half asleep with a slice of toast in my mouth going as fast as i can without breaking the law, i arrived at 12pm i snook into the toilet to make sure i looked my best. I did. I made my way down the corridor and met the Leicester chairman Vichai Raksriaksorn, we talked long and hard about why i deserve the job and i told him, i won promotion into the Premier League with West Brom and i said i would try and do that with Leicester. He said i was a favorite to get the job and he would get back to me within the next week or so.

I arrived back home at 4 and sat on Football Manager some more, i had a look at the squad and they were perfect, i also scouted some players i might try and sign with Norwich if the opportunity arises, the players were Jermaine Johnson, Amr Zaki, Bebe, Craig Mackail-Smith and Tommy Miller, i watched them play in real life to and they was good players. As the night come to a close i was 2nd in the league after 13 games, i had found a tactic that had worked wonders and i would try and emulate that with Leicester.


It was that Friday Night when i got the phone call, i was the new manager of Leicester City Football Club and i will do my all with a little help from a game to reach the Premier League with them. I created an account on FM-Base and became friends with Raikan007 and my word if i could have him as a scout i would, he is great at finding players with promise to be future stars. I looked at videos of the players and i knew they wouldn't sign permanently but maybe just maybe on loan. The following day i talked with Max, Raikan and ollieconolly and told them i would like them to join my back room staff. They accepted. I was delighted, now for the real work to begin


If Max, Raikan and ollieconolly are unhappy with me including them in my story i will remove you, but i hope you are ok with it !

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I haven't read it all through yet mate so far not bad start however Im a little confused, You say Sven is sacked by Leicester you met the chairman were fav for the job now your in charge of norwich ?

Just read it all enjoying the start but as I said im a little confused :p
Thanks guys

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The board had given me £9,550,000 to spend on players. i thought about robbing some and legging it but no, i couldn't do it i am not that kind of guy. I sat with Raikan talking about possible transfer targets and this is who we came up with;

Fabian Carini
Shola Ameobi
Alan Smith
Matthew Booth
Tommy Miller
Chris Smalling


I though this was a reasonable list of players who may be interested in joining the club, i sent Raikan to scout them and some other players and he told me the ones he was impressed with, i brought Ollie and Max into the room to see what they though about the players, they agreed that they were good players and this is who we bought;

Domenico Girardi - £220,000
Sanchez Carlos - Free Transfer
Matthew Booth - £85,000
Michael White - £75,000
Kistjan Orn Sigurdsson - £800,000
Abdoulaye Faye - £775,000
Marco Verratti - £1,200,000
Graham Alexander - £250,000
Steve Finnan - Free Transfer
Tom Cairney - £2,400,000
Michael Ball - Free Transfer
Ulises De La Cruz - £250,000
Mauricio Molina - £1,200,000
Katlego Mphela - £220,000


I realised that we hadn't sold anyone yet and had a massive squad. I placed some players in the reserves to free up some space to when it comes to picking the 25 man squad. I had every belief in the team to gain promotion into the Premier League, i was aware of the teams in our league and the presence of there players but that didn't put me off, this is the squad i will be playing most of the time;

Alexander - Booth - Bamba - Naughton
Dyer - Verratti - Cairney - Molina
Yakubu - Mphela

That's what you call a strong team. After a long day at the office i got home at 6 and relaxed on my laptop, i clicked on Football Manager and a message popped up 'Disk not readable'. F**k, i was doing great with Swansea i was top with only a few games to go. I put down my laptop, and watched TV for a while, i wondered how the fans would react to my appointment, happy or sad ? There is only a few weeks away from the big day and i had a lot of thinking to do.


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