May 17, 2012
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First off, apologies if this is in the wrong area of the forum but it seemed the most logical place for it.

Anyway, so basically, I'm Chelsea in my second season and I'm trying to cut down my wage expenditure to control the finances of the club a little bit better. I'm coming towards the end of the season and I've just given John Terry a one year contract extension but he's still on £150k a week which is much higher than I want it. He's still rated a 4.5 star player though and still performs reasonably well (see below).

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I'm wondering whether you guys would agree that I should let his contract run down and then release him on a free..? Seeing as I have Nathaniel Chalobah and Tamas Kalas ready to step up to the first team, or do I keep renewing his contract, what do you think?

Now Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole are on a combined total of £255k a week, this is far too high and they are both in their last years of their contracts now. I've already signed up Jack Wilshere for £22m to take over where Lampard left off and have Ryan Bertrand is already beating Cole for a first team spot with his performances (see below). Bertrand's assists alone are incredibly helpful.

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Would you say it's about time I let all 3 go? Or just Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole? Again, apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum.

Thanks for any advice you can give.
Talk to all 3 and reccomend them to be staff members. If they say yes, see if their staff attributes are good enough that you want to keep them when they retire (don't be sentimental! :p). If they are good enough, let them finish their contracts and they might retire at the end of the season. If there not good enough, just sell them now and get money whilst you can :)
I just tried talking to them about staff roles and Lampard and Terry want to be Managers and Cole doesn't even wanna stay in football when he retires but Terry and Lampard don't fancy retiring anytime soon apparently.. I'll probably release Cole and Lampard at the end of the season and maybe look to offload Terry in the summer then. Cheers for the advice mate, much appreciated!