Jul 16, 2009
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Name: Fraser Fyvie
Club: Aberdeen
D.O.B: 27/03/1993
Nationality: Scottish
Position: M (C)
Agent: -
Strengths: Teamwork, Strength, Stamina
Weaknesses: Aerial ability
Description: Enthusiastic Midfielder
Personality: Balanced
Suggested Roles: Central Midfield, Box-to-Box midfielder


Personal Description
Cannot speak highly enough of this kid: Scottish football has quite a few prospects but in my opinion, Fraser Fyvie is at the top. In my second season, at the age of 18, he won the young player of the year, starting most of Aberdeen's SPL games, and he also won it the second year, meaning that I could not ignore him and I signed him up for a cheap 2.5m - totally worth it!
He was a replacement for 26 year old James McArthur (also highly recommended, his stats are incredible at his peak - see screenshot), and has only just really broken into my first team, but is now being tapped up by the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and foreign teams are showing an interest as well.
I couldn't resist not telling people about him after he did this to Sporting Lisbon:

Please check him out, if you already know about him please feel free to use this page to rave about how good he is!

I've got him in my Liverpool save, and progressing well.
Says he'll be the next Graeme Souness in mine.
yess that did come up at one point on his description for me - quite a good likeness imo. should do well for you, but needs a few years to reach his potential..
He either has a fixed PA, or it's -7 or less, as he's not in my wonderkid auction.
I'm not sure but he's getting a lot of attention from big clubs and at only 21 I would expect him to get better.. we'll have to see.
as an aberdeen fan this lad is highly thought of in the real world, played for us at 16yrs of age and played almost every game until his season long injury...not tried him on FM yet
he used to go to my school before he left like a year ago ha

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I'm not sure but he's getting a lot of attention from big clubs and at only 21 I would expect him to get better.. we'll have to see
he isnt 21 that screenshot is from the future
was in his class in primary school and academy and played in the same team as him in a tournament in aberdeen. Just owned the midfield haha.

havent tried signed him on fm 11 yet thoo... might give him a go
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I'm well aware he's not 21 in real life :L I'm saying that at that point in the game at 21, he was getting a lot of attention from big clubs..