He got a lot of championship footie on my save and developed moderately, without being exceptional (though he was never in my team.) I did sign Hines for two seasons though, he was a sub for me and then I loaned him out. If I'd have used him a lot more, pretty sure he could have been a star. I'll get two screenshots if you want. I only make the comparison because they would both be pretty decent poachers and are both from West Ham.

Would be interesting to see how they turn out if you customise their training (which I never did at the time).
Always goes out to Championship teams on loan, not quite sure how he turns out at a late stage, but he has always been prolific when I've signed him.
I know who I'd rather try and develop between the two. Don't know if it's a fair comparison, over the five years, Sears had regular championship level football in my save (but as previously stated, was trained by the computer). Hines had two seasons trained by me but played 8 games before being loaned out for a season to Leeds and playing regular footy in the premiership.

If you want either, I suggest customising Sears training to intensive finishing and Hines to intensive aerobic.
I edit him a little as he can also play midfield in real life and on FM11 he is utter *****.