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May 15, 2009
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Fredrik Ljunberg: “I am ready for management”

Fredrik in his Arsenal Days

News broke out early today, as Arsenal legend Fredrik Ljunberg, has stated that he is currently looking for a job as a manager. Fredrik Ljunberg was born in Vittsjo (Sweden) the 16th​ of April in 1977. He had his professional debut in 1994, where he played for Halmstads BK. Only 4 years did he last in Sweden, as the mighty gunners saw great talent, and picked him up. Fredrik Ljunberg is known as one of the “invincible” of the Arsenal team in the season of 2003-04. After his 9 years at Arsenal, Ljunberg found it very hard to stay at one club, as he played for 5 different clubs in a total of 5 years.

After retiring, it was unclear what the Swede was going to do, follow a footballing career path, or live happily retired. Well today he has finally revealed his plans for the future, as he believes he is ready to take a club to the top. Though, one thing is for sure, what club will he manage? And what club would take an inexperienced manager?

The one fact that is for sure is that Fredrik Ljunberg statements to Skysports were something like this, “Today I am ready to announce to the media, that I in fact have decided what to do with my decision of retiring as a football player. Over the last 2-3 years of my footballing career, I was having private lessons to get my coaching badge, and got help from various managers such as Arsene Wegner, and assistant manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst. So with that being said, I am ready for management. It will be hard to find a job that’s for sure, but I have applied to every single job that seems like an option to me and I am ready for that challenge. Hopefully I will find something soon as I can’t wait to get my new job underway.”

Well. That is all, now the question remains, where did he apply, and is he actually ready to take the pressure of a football manager?​
Halmstad BK Legend Reunited with Club


Freddie Ljunburg waving to the Halmstad fans

After a few months of Freddie Ljungbergs statement of club managing, it seems he has finally found the job he was looking for. The Arsenal legend will reunite with his former club Halmstad BK, the club that he made his professional debut with, as they have hired him as the new manager till the end of the season. Previous manager, Jens Gustafsson, was forced to leave the club as he did not see eye to eye with the board. Gustafsson left the club 3rd​ place in the Swedish First Division Elite, which leaves the team in play-off spot. Though Ljungberg has 14 games left of the season, which gives both Halmstad a good chance to the title, as well as give Ljungberg a chance to prove himself as a worthy manager.

It is said, that Halmastad are in not willing to spend much money on new signing in the transfer season, as they gave Ljungberg a reported fee of 32k to spend on new faces. This means that he will be looking for free agents with either playing experience or youth players with potential. It will be a very interesting 2nd​ half of the season for Halmstad as they are reunited with a club legend, and we will see what Ljungberg has to bring to a club like Halmstad.
big arsenal fan here so i will follow this one :) good luck with save

July 2012


Ready for my first month of management

First Division Elite
Sunday 15th​ June 2012

Varnamo 1 – 1 Halmstad BK
Stefan Selakovic (85)

My first match as a manager, and I can say I am happy with the result. It was a hard match with 4th​ place Varnamo, and a draw is a decent result. Though if we would have not scored that own goal, we would have won the match. The tactics I implemented seem to be working as players are playing somewhat the game I want them to play. Only time will tell if they understand it. As my first match it’s a decent result, better than a loose.

Sunday 22nd​ June 2012
Orjans Vall
Halmstad BK
4 – 1 Degerfors
Antonio Rojas (14), Stefan Selakovic (34), Richard Magyar (65), Kristoffer Fagercrantz (69)

What a result! 4-1 against Degerfors, they might not be the best team in the league but scoring 4 goals in one match is a great achievement from the players. I am very happy with Fagercrantz performance, as he was all over the pitch. I hope we keep the goal scoring going.

Sunday 27th​ June 2012
Orjans Vall
Halmstad BK
5 – 1 Jonkopings Sodra
Michael Svensson (3, 22), Kristoffer Fagercrantz (10, 42), Marcus Antonsson (89)

Once again, we scored as many as possible, as this time around we scored 5. Jonkopings Sodra, are a team higher up the table, so I am very proud with the result. The team is playing just like I want them, with a creative attacking force. The only problem I have seen in the matches is that the striker is not as involved, which he should be the main goal scorer of the team. I will have to give him a talk, and maybe change his role.

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