Freekicks & throwings problem...


Nov 13, 2012
this is about attacking freekicks, and throwings.
When i have freekicks around the halfway line, my freekick taker(s) always pass the ball short...rather than lump it into the oppositions box (like opposition always do!). Im well into my 3rd season, an cant recall ever haveing a freekick launched into their area. To be honest ive not fiddled with the freekick tactics since i first set-up..which was set from left: aim for best header & from right: aim for best header. Never happened!
It hasnt really annoyed me before because ive not really had a bad run of results, or struggled to score now in that run.
So 4 games ago..I changed my freekick tactics to those 4 games ive had 3 freekicks from around the halfway line, an guess what?? It is frustrating when you just need that 1 goal towards the end of the game an the player wont do as you ask!
Any suggestions would be appreciated..;)

Throwings is no different really, i have 2 players (RM & LM) who have 17/18 throwing ability! Ive trained them both successfully for the long bullet throw skill. I set the throwing tactic at long at the very start of save (same as freekicks) and put them as the only chosen throwing takers from their respective sides.
Granted neither of these players are first team...but they do get 15 games or so a season, an ive still been waiting for them to do that elusive bullet throw!
Any suggestions would be appreciated...;)

Im managing Truro City in League *** you can imagine the learning curve has shocked some of my players, so after a good start (upto 2nd at one point) we are steadily dropping down the table :(
Weve not lost many games, but drawn 12 out of 29 matches. An im thinking some goals from set plays would really help get extra points in our plight (we are also pretty rubbish at corners)!
My CB's are always fairly strong in the air (first thing i look for) which are always sent forward on set plays..

Thanks for any help or advice...or is it just a bug? Maybe others have same/similar probs?