Mar 20, 2013
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Basically I finished 5th in the league (Not too bad for the Bundesliga) I gained a healthy £22M and my finances are improving every season for the foreseeable future.

But I need help with players, I know where I need to strengthen (left back, backup centreforward, rightback etc) and I only get youth players due to my scouting. My scouts seem only to find players with the age of 16 to 22, however I want players with experience! I've tried with setting 'New assignments' yet only seem to find expensive players who even with my improving finances are far too expensive!!

So in short, where can I find reasonably priced players who could fit into a bundesliga team that sits between Europa league/Champions league football. Thanks in advance!

And if you need the tatic I'm using : 4-3-3 Kun^^ Barcelona style - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats
I had great succes with José Ángel from Roma in my Stuttgart carreer. He was on sale, so I got him relatively cheap.