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From Curiosity to Football Management; Welcome to Moscow


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Mar 3, 2010
f*I know I recently started another story just yesterday, I did a lot of the season and forgot to save and I was so ****** I cba to start again, so heres a new one holidayed to August 2nd 2011*

"I can't quite remember what happened really, all I know is my Bahrainian mother seeked asylum in Spain, she met my father, a talented football coach Pédro and fell in love, however after a while my mother found out Pédro had been cheating on her, so she left him and went to Madrid to pursue work and make it, however she found out she was pregnant, of course Pédro wanted nothing to do with it and broke contact with me and here I am, 35-years-old and ready to start the journey of my life, it's the 2nd August 2011 and I have just signed and sealed my deal to make me the new manager of Russian Football Club giants CSKA Moscow.

My name is Reese La Roque, my mother died two years ago in a terror attack when visiting friends in Bahrain, and my father... well I've never met my father, this is the story of how I look to conquer the world and prove my father that I never needed him, this is the beginning of my story...."


1st August 2011; DAILY RUSSIAN SPORT

Reigning CSKA Moscow Leonid Slutskiy has been relieved of his duties immediately after evidence and witnesses came forward with video evidence, pictures and dna samples to prove that te former CSKA Moscow manager had been out late at a friends house, drinking and then went out to snort over what is believed to be "70k's worth of pure columbian cocaine" and also then went on sexually harrass a few of his friends sisters and he has been arrested immediately pending further enquiries but rumour has it Slutskiy is pleading guilty to all charges and could be sent down for a longe stretch.

In a statement released from the CSKA board about the whole thing they said, "We would like to assure all of our fans and the football community we would not condone this sort of action from anyone and he has been sacked with immediate effect. We already have a replacement lined up and there will be more about the appoint on the club website at 3pm tommorow afternoon.


Unproven Bahrainian gets the job?!
2nd August 2011; DAILY RUSSIAN SPORT

Earlier this afternoon, CSKA Moscow Chairman Yevgeni Gilner announced that the new manager of the Russian Football Club would be relatively unknown Bahrainian manager Reese La Roque, the Bahrainian is half Spanish and it is rumoured his father is meant to be Pédro La Roque, the famous coach, however nothing is confirmed. Reports say that he has been given a tidy £25 million pound transfer budget to sign in the players necessary to obtain the League and Russian Cup and possibly go as far as they can in the Champions League. They currently find themelves sat in 2nd place behind Spartak Moscow and face Fakel at home in the Russian Cup.

The transfer window is open and some targets have been named as transfer listed Brazillian Nilmar of Villareal, David Albelda of Valencia and a shock rumour about a link between Danny Welbeck, the unsettled Manchester United striker, reports are blurry but when details are announced they will be posted.

La Roque's only managerial experiences have been in Spanish youth football, winning numerous regional champions with low level sides, and also coaching the Bahrain national youth team for a few years, he only said that "I am delighted to be here, it's a dream come true, I will not be shy, I will look to spend money and let the media know what I'm doing, I want the club to know I'm more than just a manager and I look forward to meeting up with already a star studded side.




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Mar 3, 2010
A new chapter...
One of the main reasons I was so excited to be the new manager of CSKA is because of the wealth of talent they have at the club already, and the financial backing from the support and morale boosting support from the passionate Army Men. With an already solid 18-19 players, I had decided to expand the squad further, with a solid back five of Russian's including Akinfeev I didn't really need to think about defensive replacements however with talented striker Necid sidelined, Doumbia and youngster Musa wouldn't be enough, and the midfield, despite being very strong with players like Honda, Dzagoev and Tosic, lacked depth and I would need to add to this area.

Reports have linked the club with lots of moves, some true and some false and I will be looking into the Spanish market as I adore the way they play football, despite despising my Dad, he footballing background is something to appluad, and without my father, I would never have gotten into football, when I was attending a Madrid game in search of my father, I bumped into a coach who had just been hired at the Bernabeu who had heard of my father and heard of me, due to my successes with Bahrain youth team's and such, so after a chat, he put me in contact with the Spanish FA to get my badges booked and ready for free, I never went on to see my father and after that I went in to management, I have never heard from him since and have heard he has retired from football. I don't want to know him.. Football has been a father to me.



Nilmar; 7;75£m; Villareal
Saw this guy on the transfer list, and thought I'd snap him up for a real knock down price of 7.75 million. He adds some real firepower to the strikeforce and presents us with another quality centre forward, used to the Champions League and is a sensational first signing of the window.

David Albelda; £650k; Valencia
Another guy transfer listed, some real solidity in the midfield, bags of international and club experience and a real leader on and off the pitch for a real cheap price, another great signing, and another from the Spanish BBVA.

Artem Milevskyi; £10m; Dynamo Kyiv
Another experienced key player to add to my side, more firepower giving us three sensational centre forward to choose from. £10m spread over 48 months will be paid off most definitely in the goals he scores and sets up.

Javad Nekounam; £2.2m; Osasuna
2.2 million for the experienced Iranian interational who can play both centre midfield and defensive midfield, again some more experience to keep the squad really and again for a cheap price, he was suggested by one of the scouts and again comes from the Liga BBVA.

Danny Welbeck; £2.5m; Manchester United
Unsettled striker left for a real knockdown price of 2.5 million upfront, however this could rise to 7 million if Danny Welbeck plays 50 league games or more. Which leaves us with 5 quality strikers.

Lee Chung Yong; £4.8m; Bolton
I've been a real admirer of this boy for a while now, he's the better version of United's Ji Sung Park, he creates more, he has more flair and he is really cheap coming from a tough league, but he is ready and will bring lots more money through merchandising.

Stephane Sessegnon; £20m; Sunderland
There has been criticism from fans and pundits alike however I defend Sessegnon, despite the accusations he is a trouble maker, he is a genius of a footballer and I believe that he is matured a great deal and see this is the perfect solution to get away from the prying eyes of the English media and concentrate on his game. A great signing to wrap it up.




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Mar 3, 2010
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This is the overview onf my squad for the last three or four months of the season, I am very happy with it, with cover for every area of the pitch, I have nothing to complain about with a real solid side and I look forward to seeing how they perform when it comes to the crunch. Albelda is one to look out for, aswell as Sessegnon and Seydou Doumbia has always got the potential to be a real star man.

August Results:

CSKA Moscow 4 - 0 Amkar
Nilmar, Seydou Doumbia x2, Zoran Tosic.

CSKA Moscow 2 - 3 Rostov
Nilmar, Seydou Doumbia.

CSKA Moscow 3 - 0 Kylja Sovetov
Berezutskiy, Zoran Tosic, Danny Welbeck.

CSKA Moscow 5 - 0 Rubin Kazan
Zoran Tosic x3, Seydou Doumbia x2.

MY THOUGHTS: Despite that ridiculous slip up after going two - nil up at Rostov, a pretty solid month, 12 or even 10 out of 12 would have been nice but 9 hurts, we're now neck an neck with Spartak Moscow and we face them next month, we also face FC Porto in the first Champions League match, after it just being confirmed we also have Dinamo and Dynamo in our group. Zoran Tosic and Seydou Doumbia has sensational starts under me apart from Doumbia getting sent off against Rostov.


The award goes to Zoran Tosic simply because he was great in all four games and caused mayhem whereas Doumbia missed one through suspension and despite scoring hindered our chances of getting an equaliser late on in the game against Rostov. Tosic scored a magnificent hattrick away against Rubin and has helped his side on several occassions and he deserves our player of the month.

*League printscreen will be shown after September as I've played most of it and am now up to date on the updates, so longer and better ones will be made and I will also reveal more of the backstory behind Reese La Roque.*



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Mar 3, 2010

After getting off the plane and checking in to my five-star accomodation I decided to have a wonder in the Russian wonderland, as I made my way through the busy streets of the capital, I decided to gamble on a shortcut to the restaurant I was going, down a descrete back alley. I must have been walking in the narrow corridor for two seconds before a silhouette of a large man, who's alcohol and ****-stained clothes clung to my nose almost so bad that I could taste it. He stood quite fragile, not very tall and noticeably skinny, he had obviously been taken drugs.

He slurred a few drunken words of jibberish (which I presumed to be Russian) before weakly pulling out a small pocket knife, no longer than a makes middle finger, despite the fact that a knife had come into the equation I didn't feel very scared, he stood around one or steps from me but it smelt like he was in my nose. I didn't quite know what to say to this man, so I found myself just replying "I no from hear, me friendly from different country?" The drunk didn't reply but instead swung his blade at me, but after the four seconds it took from him telling himself he was going to do to actually swinging it I had stepped another two or three yards away from him and he fell flat on his face in the mud, I shook my head and tutted.

I found myself thinking "poor bloke." What a sereal moment, I left him a couple of pound in Russian currency, called an ambulance and headed bak to my hotel, the smell of stale urine and alcohol had somewhat put me off my food. I'm glad the welcoming party arrived, only a few hours in Moscow and I already have an idea of what I've let myself in for.


CSKA Moscow 5 vs. 1 Tom [A]
Keisuke Honda, Nekounam x2, Danny Welbeck, Seydou Doumbia.
MOM: Javad Nekounam 9.2

"I am extremely happy to be here in Moscow, I have signed for a tremendous club with a long history spanning a century, and we have a fantastic squad and I don't see why we can't win the league if we play well like that everyday, being Man of the Match is always nice but it's the team that counts." - Javad Nekounam

Champions League
CSKA Moscow 3 vs. 1 FC Porto [H]
Seydou Doumbia, Danny Welbeck, Keisuke Honda.
MOM: Danny Welbeck 9.1

"To be honest I'm just glad to be as far away from Manchester as possible and delighted to be back to doing what I love most, and we've shown the whole of Europe including our group we are not to be taken lightly and I think with the confidence in the squad at the moment and a new man in managing, we can go to the very end of this season with a lot of success." - Danny Welbeck

"I am delighted tonight, we really tore their defence apart and it could have been alot more, a great performance from the whole team, really solid, now onto the crunch game against Spartak, if we win we will go a cool two points clear at the top of the table." - Reese La Roque

CSKA Moscow 0 vs. 0 Spartak Moscow [A]
MOM: Kiril Nababkin 7.3

"We dominated from start to finish but just couldn't get that goal unfortunately, if Seydou or Danny had had their shooting boots on, we could have a majorly different scoreline, however this continues our unbeaten run and we will look to gain the maximum amount of points out of the next games and after losing two left-backs we are down to the bare minimum, however Nababkin did have a sensational game." - Reese La Roque

Russian Cup 7th Round
CSKA Moscow 5 vs. 0 Favel [H]
Seydou Doumbia x4, Nilmar.
MOM: Seydou Doumbia 9.8

"I know I underperformed against Spartak and I know I should have probably won that game twice by myself with the amount of chances I had but I am sorry and it wasn't to be but I'm glad to get four here and get CSKA to the quarters, I look forward to this." - Seydou Doumbia

CSKA Moscow 3 vs. 0 Kuban
Nilmar, Seydou Doumbia x2.
MOM: Seydou Doumbia 8.8

"Great result in the end, very very happy with it to follow up our 5 - 0 win over Favel, and I look forward to facing Dinamo who sit bottom of our Champions League group in our last game of the month." - Reese La Roque

TheRealSDoumbia8 tweeted "great result tonight against kuban, another 2 for the season, cmon u army men!"

7KeisukeHonda7 tweeted "well done boys, top of the table tonight, @TheRealSDoumbia8 #SENSATIONALBRACE"

Champions League 2
CSKA Moscow 2 vs. 2 Dinamo
Seydou Doumbia x2
MOM: Seydou Doumbia 8.8

OVERALL A SENSATIONAL MONTH;http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/imageres.php?iu=http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4026/4545632314_e67ebe375b.jpg&ir=http://whotalking.com/flickr/CSKA+Moscow&ig=http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS_wmcPjPHOUX_C9r6BrA97yk3pwi1Nj6cRj-cMQ0_7MjoMF1I1oSb5eFc&h=310&w=500&q=cska+moscow+fans&babsrc=NT_ss
We remain firmly in contention on all three fronts, Russian Cup Quarter Final to look forward to, and we sit of both Champions League group and the Premier. Extremely happy with certain performances, however our defence has been depleted and Akinfeev got injured against Kuban and will be out for the next two months, as has Berezutskiy and Schenikov, reserves left back has been called up.

STAR MAN; Seydou Doumbia (10 goals in 6)

A sensational month for high-flying Seydou Doumbia who has recently requested a better contract and too right he deserves one in which I will be offering him at the end of the season, the striker who has scored 26 goals so far this year has devastated the league this month and he is only on a measly £17.5k per week. A real sensational start in my management of the club IMO.

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May 3, 2012
Great stuff as always mate, loving the little personal updates about the manager. KIU