From non league to Champions League?

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Apr 21, 2009
hmmm ill have a look for you and see if i can find a team shot from that point.

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There you, thats the Best Eleven from the promotion season :)
Apr 20, 2009

I created my own team, fro my local area and plonked them in the BSS, set everything to Random, had the worst squad and staff ever, first season I barely survived, sacked my staff got in some good scouts and coaches, remember a coach doesn't have to be a good all rounder he just needs to be high in one trait, and there are plent of those around, bought in player in free transfers, people like Trevor Sinclair and the such like. Then we got promoted to Prem, If you have good scouts (Judgin PLayer Ability etc) then you can get some bargains, make sure the board upgrade the youth facilities as much as possible.

Im in season 2016 now with the same team, added myself as aplayer with random states (everything to zero) and were in the premier league just one the champions league.

I did reload if I lost a game to begin with just to see what tacics would work, once your used to it you can usually win games easily if you have the right players with the right stats in the right positions with the right tactics.


Nov 9, 2009
Im going to win my 2nd Premier title (in the last 3 seasons)in 2022 with Truro City..CLose to ending the season..Still havent won Champions CUp tough..First season in CL i got knocked out in the group stage :x
Truro City is actually quite easy..Great Chairman and Great starting facilities..
In my first Try in FM2010 i was Bath city...But got stuck in championship with and average of 4k spectators :X
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We are Northumbria
Mar 30, 2009
Got Spartans into League 2, then got bored :L, although this year am now in league 1 :D, struggling now