From Nothing to Silverware - Hector Zeroni's Story


Dec 4, 2008
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"I am very happy to be announced as the new Coach of Spanish Second Division B3 side Huracan Valencia CF. It is my role to take the small club from the Mestalla district to silverware. As they are a new club only set up in 2011, my task is to establish this club on the Spanish map, play free flowing passing football and to give chances to the young locals to strive to meet their goals of playing professional football."

"My first role of coach was to sort ot the staff of th club for which i have the deepest regret of terminating all of their contracts minus one coach. A guy you may be aware of in Spain.....

Ruben Baraja


I am very happy to keep Ruben on-board as his experience will be vital for our young and experienced players."

"A bit on transfer news is that i have been entrusted with a transfer budget of €0 which is as i expected so i will have to dip into the loan market and th free transfer market. We are also currently €6k over our wage budget of €23k per week. Therefore i have placed the entire squad on the transfer market."

"I hope you will return on another day for more answers about em and my club but today i have business to deal with. I hope you understand."

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Staff Signings​

"Welcome all, a few days have passed since my appointment and ive added a few more familiar faces to the staff lineup."

"I'd like you all to give a big welcome to my No.2 for the current season...

Ivan Helguera

Ivan was a well established member of the Galatico's and in the end he finished his season at local neighbors Valencia. His 47 Caps will prove great experience for our young side."

"Also joining on my coaching staff former Real Madrid and AC Milan star Fernando Redondo. He and Ivan are ex team mates and will have that cohesion which i will try and enthuse on my side, below is the full list of the staff ive signed for the current 2012/2013 season"

Pre Season Friendlies​

"I arranged 4 pre-season friendlies for us against similar quality of opposition. Paterna, LevanteB, Alboraya and Pucol where the teams selected. I originally wanted to take the team on a tour of Portugal however the chairman declined my question."

Huracan v Paterna
Carreno 2, Fas, Sanjulian 2, Morgado

Huracan v Levante B

Huracan v Alboraya
Savali, Lescano, Navarro

Huracan v Pucol
Fas, Perez, Carreno​

"We had a great pre season with a total of 13 goals being scored and 7 conceded in the 4 games. I was slightly disappointed with only getting one clean sheet however though. Im looking forward to the start of the season and the Copa-Del-Ray first round next week!"

Copa Del Ray

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"The Copa-Del-Ray is a prestigious trophy in Spain. It is my aim to get as far as the 3rd round, and i hope this is a realistic goal for the players and the club. The first round was drawn the other day, where we learnt that we would play away from home for the first time at Ejea. A team that we should hopefully beat with ease . The 2nd round also was drawn and we shall face the winners of Badalona and Catarroja CF, and hopefully we should be able to sweep either of those sides aside to reach our aim of the 3rd round!"
A New Club Record​

Copa-Del-Ray 1st Round
Ejea v Huracan
Carreno 3, Navarro, Fas, Capdevilla​

"I am very happy with the progress the side has made during pre season and it has reflected in a dominate win against Ejea. I was very happy with Fas who picked up 3 Assists along with a goal and Carreno who picked up Man of the match thanks to his hatrick! I also made my first bit of club history as this result goes down as the highest scoring match Huracan have had in there history"
August Review

"We had a very strong August losing only once in five games and we didnt manage to lose our only competitive game in the Copa-Del-Ray. For me there was two stand out performers:

Enrique Carreno managed to bag six goals along with one assist and one man of the match awards, including a superb hatrick against Ejea in the Copa-Del-Ray.

David Fas managed three goals, five assists and one man of the match and he showed what a constant threat he was down the right hand side.

A total of 19 goals were scored in August and 9 conceded working out at an average of 3.8 goals scored a game and 1.8 conceded. A good solid month"

Spanish Second Division B3
Llagostera v Huracan 3-0

"Three goals before HT had killed us before we had got our first 45mins of the new season underway! Fas hit the woodwork near the end"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Olimpic Xativa 2-0
Fas, Carreno

"A great first win, injurys put a dampener on things as we played the last 5mins with 10men"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huesca v Huracan 3-1

"Two set pieces were our downfall today against what i think will be promotion contenders come the end of the season. The third we was pushing forward and a mistake by Carreno let them in"

Copa-Del-Ray 2nd Round
Catarroja v Huracan 0-2
Vas, Navarro

"Two swift counter attacks safely saw us through into the third round which was our aim.

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Prat 5-2
OG, Fas2, Carreno, Capdevilla

"A strong home match again 5 goals scored 2 conceded, one of them the keepers huge mistake!"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Binissalem 1-0

"Another home win! Turning into a fortress! Morgado sealed the win in the second half"

Spanish Second Division B3
Saint Andreu v Huracan 2-2
Perez, Navarro

"2-0 down at halftime was always going to be hard to get back into it. Fabiani came on and set up both goals. We missed a one on one hit the woodwork twice and had 2 disallowed. So its 2 pts dropped!"

Spanish Second Division B3
Espanyol B v Huracan 3-1

"Beaten by the better side always looked to be close until Pomares's mistake cost us a third goal"

September Review

"Unbeaten at home 3 wins out of 3, away form is dire though and a change of tactic for away games may be needed. Only 1 points away from a possible 12 available. September saw us score 14 goals and concede 13, so we are finding the onion bag at a rate of 1.75 per game and conceding at a rate of 1.625.

Player of the Month

"An easy choice for me this month, its David Fas again. Hes causing opposition mayhem every time he pulls on a Huracan Valencia CF shirt. 5 goals and one Man of the match award. He fully deserves the player of the month again"

Isn't Hector Zeroni a character in a book? Anyway good story

Spanish Second Division B3
Levante B v Huracan 4-3
Lescano 3​

"A tough match against a very good side we did well to compete and Lescano bagged his first competitive goals for the club"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Mallorca B 1-2

"Another tough game against one of the stronger sides in this league and we should of won in all fairness!"

Copa-Del-Ray 3rd Round
Amorbieta v Huracan 4-3
Fas, Carreno

"A poor last 30mins! 2-0 up and cruising went a man down and after 62 mins they scored 5. We dont deserve to progress no further at this current time"

Spanish Second Division B3
Constancia v Huracan

"The dreaded away form hits again! We ended up losing thanks to a 79th minute penalty"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Reus 1-1

"Absolutely battered Reus, they scored the first kick of the game and we couldn't get the important second goal"

Spanish Second Division B3
Valencia Mestalla v Huracan 1-1

"A late equalizer from Jonathan Viera sealed the draw. How i wish i had a player like him"

October Review

"A shocking month! 3 losses and 2 draws from 5 games also losing in the copa-del-ray when almost touching the next round. Things need to change and fast before we freefall into the drop zone. Only our home form is saving us at the moment. We only scored 9 goals in October at a rate of 1.5 a game but our defence has been shoddy conceding 2.5 per game on average!"

Player of the Month

"Only one person shined this month and that was summer signing Juan Lescano. The ex Real Madrid and Liverpool youngster cashed in with a hatrick against Levante B and an assist to make him our key player this month"


Spanish Second Division B3
Huracanv Badalona 2-1

"A poor game at home. Fas pulled one back towards the end which gave us a bit of hope"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Villareal B 0-2​

"No goals scored and we looked a million miles off from Villareal!"

Spanish Second Division B3
At Baleares v Huracan 3-1

"This is the first time im going to say this.... We are in a rut and its getting harder to get out!"

Spanish Second Division B3
Badalona v Huracan1-1

"A late penalty in injury time gave us a point which we didnt deserve, but that point could be decisive by the end of the season"

November Review

"All i can say is shocking and apologize to our fans who have watched us under perform all month. 1pt from 12 is dire! 3 goals scored and we slip under the average of a goal a game we have been hitting. and again we are conceding too many with 2 goals a game conceded on average"

Player of the Month

"I nearly forgot about this award but the only person i could give it to is Tomas Ruso who managed a man of the match performance in the month. No one else came close!"

Quite the challenge you've taken on here mate, love the name by the way! :D Good luck

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracana v Alcoyano 0-1

"The run continues, when is it going to stop?"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracana v Ontinyent 2-0
Carreno, Sampedro

"Its stopped now! A magical win at home again though! We need to seriously start picking up points away"

Spanish Second Division B3
Yeclano v Huracana 0-0

"A point is better than none! Another clean sheet for the ever impressive Salcedo"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracana v Llagostera 2-2
Fas, Fabiani

"We end the month with 3 games unbeaten! I never thought we would get out of the rut. Xmas has came at a bad time!"

December Review

"Im speaking to you as a happy man again, the first time since the first few games of the season! We have defended great with 2 clean sheets from 4 and managed to score on average a goal a game and kept our conceding below 1 per game! I feel we can start to push on back up the league now!"

Player of the Month

"A hard choice this time as Carreno and Fabiani have impressed me greatly but it has to go to Jose Antonio Salcedo for the two clean sheets this month! Hes a star in the making and we will do well to keep him.


Spanish Second Division B
Huracan v Gimnastic 0-1​

"First day back after xmas and we looked shruggish! Gimnastic will be there or there abouts at the end of the season though!"

Spanish Second Division B
Olimpic Xativa v Huracan 2-6
Carreno 4, Salero, Perez

"WOW is all i can say i didnt think Carreno could bag 4 in a game!"

Spanish Second Division B
Prat v Huracan 3-3
Navarro, Lescano 2

"Our forwards have started scoring, young Lescano follows on from Carrenos 4 in the previous game with 2 of his own in 10 minutes"

Spanish Second Division B
Huracan v Huesca 1-1

"Another point against a title favorite. I think we are on to something with this squad."

January Review

" A great month for the club only one loss but 4 solid results against two of the favorites and two other strong teams. Carreno scoring 4 is a highlight as the club matched there biggest result ever!"

Player of the Month

"Only one candidate i think this month hes said it all 5 goals and an assist. Thats a striker for you!


Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Sant Andreu 4-1
Salero, Carreno, Sampedro

"A big start to the month taking us 5 unbeaten in the league"

Spanish Second Division B3
Binissalem v Huracan 0-4
Salero, Carreno, Sampedro, Ruso

"Clean sheet another win, plenty of goals what more could you want?"

Spanish Second Division B3
Mallorca B v Huracan 2-1

"Another B team which shows there class above us"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Espanyol B 4-1
Carreno 3, Sanjulian

"The first time weve beat a big B side. And in emphatic form! Carreno the star man again!"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Levante B 5-1
Carreno 2, Salero, Perez, Capdevilla


February Review

"Wow is all i can say! 4 wins and one loss. We are now out of the relegation places and pushing up! Is playoffs too much? Its hard to say at this point. We managed 18 goals this month. and only conceded 5. Maybe we finally have balance?"

Player of the Month​

"Carreno has been class again this month. However its been a collective effort to score so many and concede so little!

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Spanish Second Division B3
Reus v Huracan 0-1

"A strong win and Carreno cant stop scoring"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Constancia 1-0

"Another clean sheet and another Carreno goal!"

Spanish Second Division B3
Badalona v Huracan 2-4
Carreno, Sanjulian

"We finally lose and we struggled. The only positive is that Carreno keeps on scoring"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Valencia Mestalla 1-4

"Shock Valencia overpower us again. I just wish i had some of the talent they have."

Spanish Second Division B3
Villareal B v Huracan 0-1

"A perfect month for Carreno with goals in every game! Salcedo kept his 3rd clean sheet of the month"

March Review

"A good month, not quite February, but still good enough to keep us out of the relegation battle."

Player of the Month

"Salcedo has done great again but Carreno gets it again for scoring in every game and carrying on his great goalscoring form"

April and May

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v At Baleares 1-1

"A good point at home, we never looked like winning"

Spanish Second Division B3
Alcoyano v Huracan 1-1

"If we keep drawing it means we arent losing...."

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Orihuela 4-0

"A huge win and four different scorers and a clean sheet! I go to bed a happy manager"

Spanish Second Division B3
Huracan v Yelcano 4-1

"Two home wins on the bounce! and we are looking to finish the season strong."

Spanish Second Division B3
Ontinyent v Huracan 1-1

"Unbeaten still for April and May. What an end to the season!"

Spanish Second Division B3
Gimnastic v Huracan 2-2

"A massive last game as we bagged a point away at one of the toughest teams in the league"

April and May Review

"A massive two months and probably our best going unbeaten and gaining 10 points in the process. A great end to the season"

Player of the Month​

"An easy choice this month, he has been a rock at the back but hes also scored and set up a few, well done Carlos Pomares"

Season Review

"Well, what can i say other than its been an honour to have brought some history to this club.

Highest Attendance - 696 v Valencia Mestalla
Biggest Win - 6-2 v Ejea
Most Games won in a row - 4
Most games lost in a row - 5
Most games without losing - 7
Most games without winning - 13
Most games without conceding - 2
Most games without scoring - 1

Top Goal Scorer - Enrique Carreno 27 (23 league)
Most Goals in a match - Enrique Carreno 4 v Olimpic Xativia
Most Assist - Enrique Carreno
Most man of the matches - Tomas Ruso

Final League Table

Enrique Carreno​

As we look forward to the next season we have 9 players who have decided to stay with the club.
  • Salceo
  • Verdeja
  • Pomares
  • Savall
  • Pucho
  • Rubio
  • Sampedro
  • Lescano
  • Luna

Hopefully we can bring in some players and keep under the wage budget.

Our aims for this season is to reach the 4th round of the Copa-Del-Ray and to finish mid table again.

I will see you all soon! Have a great summer"