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From Rags to Raja- Racism set agains the exciting backdrop of Football


Jun 15, 2010

This Story is not target at any specific person/group. This is just a story based on true accounts on what happens in our life in this generation. Again, this is based on only a few people who taint our society by thinking that just because they are British they have a better pot to **** in. Please be reminded that I am British too.

Note that all antagonists in this Story will be given fictional names and will have no resemblance to the person who holds their position in real life.

for eg. Mr Singh in my story who is the Chairman of Man Utd has no resemblance to the Glazers

Chapter 1
I should have listened to you Dad

Sid look nervously at the team-sheet, maybe after all these years of hard-work and perservance, just maybe... his dream was finally about to come true.

He read down the list of 25 names, these names were the ones going to represent the club in the Championship this season, carefully taking care not to miss a word,

Snodgrass, Becchio, Aidan White.....

He had not made it, he could feel tears forming in his eyes and he looked down on the ground. He felt a searing pain in his chest, no his heart.

'Tough Luck Mate'
said a voice to his right which belonged to Club Captian Nicky Elemander

Sid thought he spotted a fleeting grin over Nicky's face before he departed into the locker rooms.

Out of the corner of his eye, he then spotted Club Manager Mr Russel Wright getting into his car with his assistant manager.

He ran towards them, his studs thudding on the marble floor of the lobby and then out onto the stone-cracked pavement.

shouted Sid with all his might before Mr Russel could depart

Russel turned around, his expression of polite curiousity quickly turned into one of distatse as he spotted Sid and he look as if he wished he could be anywhere else in the world rather than talking to this 25 year-old budding footballer.

'Coach you said I was the best, I was the fastest, then why did you do this to me sir'
said Sid in a quiet voice as if afraid of being overheard

'But this is not about soccer, this is about my colour is'nt it?'
said Sid in that same deadly whisper

Rusell just shrugged his shoulders as if to say I could not care less and got into his car

'What can I do Son'
said the assistant manager apologetically, his eyes filled with remorse for Sid before getting into the car with his manager

'Dad always said they would do this to me, they broke his legs, today they broke me not physically but mentally'
thought Sid angrily, his blood boiling with a new found rage

Sid clenched his fists and looked as Rusell sped away in his car

'One day they will all bow, one day I will make them'

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