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Mar 28, 2013
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Hi, I'm Marc and new to the forum.

Just thought I'd share my FM13 story so far, and see what you guys make of it.

For starters, I am an avid Man City
fan, and so obviously I started a game with them. I won every trophy 2-3 times over
, got bored and moved to Valencia. I won La Liga in my second season there. I had been on the same number of points as Real Madrid for the final 12 games, then I played (and beat) them away on the final game of the season. I then moved to Bayern Munich but struggled to get the players I brought with me from Valencia to gel with the players already at Bayern, and ended up getting sacked around Christmas with Bayern lying 4th in the table, but only 4-5 points off the top. I then got the job at Arsenal with an average squad who had finished mid-table the season before...but I had a huge transfer budget, and again won the Premier League in my second season. I signed a regen Swedish attacking midfielder for £2.5mill, and was valued at £18million by the end of the time there...one of my favourite ever signings. I was determined to win the league in every country, so was about to find myself a job in France (with intention to go back and conquer Germany, and then Italy). Then...my laptop stopped working! Sent it off to Asus for repair, and they sent it back with the hard drive wiped and my game gone...gutted!

So, started again...this time with Rochdale! Won back-to-back promotions (both times through the play-offs), but only had a 40k transfer budget in the Championship, so didn't stand a chance and had a miserable season, finishing 17 points from safety & rock bottom with 22 points! Now may be a good time to mention that Luca Scapuzzi, from Man City's academy, is an excellent signing for League One & Championship clubs. Also, Bobby Grant & Rhys Bennett would be great signings for League One clubs, and decent for Championship too!

At the end of the season my contract ended and I decided to reject the offer of a new 3-year contract, as I felt I had earned the right to manage at a better club, and also did not want to drop back down to League One. I began applying for jobs at any club in Championship or above! I was rejected by (in no particular order):

Norwich, Swansea, QPR, Wolves, Cardiff, Birmingham, Reading (who had actually just been relegated to League 1, but felt I could bring them straight back), Watford, Real Betis, Getafe, Augsburg, Lille, Nigeria, Ghana & Norway.

I was just beginning to accept the fact that maybe my reputation was not as high as it perhaps would be in real life, and was about to start applying for League One jobs, when out of nowhere (I didn't even apply for this one)...Udinese made me a job offer
. They had finished 17th the season before, so just about clung onto their top flight status.

I had never had a transfer budget higher than £40k when at Rochdale, and Udinese came along with £25,000p/w contract (I renegotiated to £3,000p/w so I have more budget for players) and £4.6million transfer kitty! No idea what happened, as Udinese are surely a bigger club than all the above (apart from maybe Getafe?). Still, I wasn't going to complain and took the job...

They had a massive wage bill, which I trimmed by selling any players aged 31+ and any players on over £25,000p/w. I then brought in a load of free transfers and loans (John Guidetti being the highlight - I told you I loved City) and a left winger from Rochdale for £250k whose coach report says he will be 'a leading Serie A winger'. I played 5 pre season friendlies and lost 4 of them, and was beginning to think that maybe this wasn't going to be so much fun, but then we smashed our last friendly match 9-0. My first competitive match was the Italian Cup 3rd Round Qualifier, against Lecce...which I won 7-1. The first game of the season came around and was, as luck would have it, at home to current champions, Juventus.

I expected the worst, and the worst came around pretty quickly and was 2-0 down inside 15 minutes. I went defensive for the rest of the half, and managed to keep it to 2-0. I gave the lads a bollocking at half-time, took off a midfielder for another striker, went to Overload...and pulled it back to 2-2 in the 79th minute, and were unlucky not to win

And that brings you nicely up to date with where I am up to! And also explains why I regret agreeing to do this late shift at work...won't be home until 9pm, and desperate to play on!

Anyway, just wondering what you guys think of my story so far, and I'm happy to discuss if you want anymore details!

Also, has anybody else had such a random job offer, especially one from a club much bigger than the one you were at? And how did it turn out?