From unbeatable to worthless? Help


Feb 20, 2010
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Hi, I started out my season really god with 16 wins and 2 draws for my first 18 games, now suddenly over night my team plays really bad, can't even make more than 3-4 passes in a row and can't score and conceds goals like an amatuer team. last 5 games, 4 losses and one lucky draw. Anybody know why it's suddenly like this?
who are you, what players do you have and what formation do you play
I play with swedish side Djurgarden, I play 4-4-1-1. My first 18 games I played superb football but then suddenly my team has started to play as if they have never played football before..... Don't know how come? Is it a bug, have the other teams just figured out how to beat me? Anybody come across the same problem of suddenly loosing form and starting loosing games?
That could be the you've probs played everyone and used same formation all season the computer has worked out your weaknesses..I'd suggest changing your tactics during the game..for example soon as u score change and put a tactic that will control the game more ad shut up shop
Maybe its the AI cos usually the second time around when ur facing someone the AI figures out a way to counter ur tactics, happened to me lots of times
The game Ui has adapted to your formation and you it will seem as though your team is incapable of winning, when this happens change tactics ^^)
Ok, switched tactics and have won my last two games and it looks a bit better... Still strange and unrealistic that you can't use the same formation a whole season? Of course you need to change the way you play depending on who your up against and if it's a home or away game but I should be able to have the same formation still.... Well anyways, thanks for your sughgestions! Hopefully I got the problem sorted out now and can go ahead and win the league...(still in first place, 5 points up with 5 games left :) )
I had the same problem in FM10 one year. I was in first place the whole season until towards the end and I ended up finishing 5 points out of first in third place. That was when I used the same tactics every game. The next season I started tweaking the tactics every game based on my opponent (defensive line, width, and tempo) based on the backroom advice (I'm new to FM). I didn't have the problem any more and won the league. The next season we finished in second on goal differential. So maybe that's all you have to do.