frustrated. really need a new challenge?

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Jul 3, 2013
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Hi, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a mediocre team that i can take onto the next step.. no preference of league but a bit of money would help! i am tired of being bigger teams and always signing similar players so really need to get a good career going!
San Marino- club and nation.
I enjoy the spanish league, beyond the top two there all much of the same but At Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and Bilbao are all fun saves im currently Granada
I had lots of fun with FC Twente in the Dutch Premier league, young talented squad. League and domestic cups come pretty easily however the fun part is challenging in europe. 1st season you are in Europa league but after 1st season you can guarentee Champions league football year in year out. I admit mayb not as much money at the start, after 2nd season mayb 10mil+. but after a few seasons in champions league the money will start coming in.
Wigan... im in my 5th season, and on the verge of winning the EPL for the 1st time.. Was runner up last year in EPL and Champions League..

I played RM in my 1st save, after 2 seasons, i won everything, it became boring so i quit.

Playing a mid-low club in EPL is a good start. If you have more experience, play in Championship or League 1.

Playing in MLS is a challenging too, if you know how NBA works, thats almost identical. You have cap size to manage.
Southampton are always a fun team to play with :)
Go exotic

Vitoria - 2nd Div Brazil
Velez - Argentina
Penarol - Uruguay


Standard/Club Bruges - Belgium
RB Salzburg - Austria
R. Sociedad/Betis/Granada
I'm very much enjoying Chester who start in BSN. Definitely no money there, but a stable club with a chairman who will pump funds in if needed. Every time I have asked for the wage cap to be increased the chairman has complied. Good attendances for lower league, currently in L2 and getting 80% attendances. Would recommend for a long term career save, I have started as sunday league footballer and am aiming for Europe.
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