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Mar 10, 2013
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i have just started a new football manager save with Fulham FC, just about to start my first season ( i will do monthly updates on this save so should be posting every day/few hours ) I have made a 5 year plan this is how it goes

1st Season - Mid Table 12th - 14th
2nd Season - Slightly higher 9th - 11th
3rd Season - Top half finish 7th - 9th
4th Season - Europa league 5th - 6th
5th Season - Champions league 4th Higher

i have made 4 signings so far 3 transfers 1 loan deal;

Sylvain Marveuax, Newcastle, loan
Morgan Schneiderlin, Southampton, 4.9 Million
Royston Drenthe, Free Transfer
Giuseppe Bellusci, Catania, 5 million

I have made 1 sale;

Simon Davies, Norwich, 425 k

i have got two tactics, 4-2-3-1 Deep, and 4-4-2

My first game is against QPR at home, i will be playing 4-2-3-1, my next premier league game is against Sunderland away, they are my two premier league fixtures in August, i will be posting back soon to let you know how i get on.

I would love to use pictures, but i am trying to insert image but it just wont let me :S, so any advice would be helpful ,thanks:).
August -

Fulham 1-1 QPR ( Kasami, Park Ji Sung )
Sunderland 0-0 Fulham
Fulham 3-0 Brentford ( Schneiderlin, A Hughes, Petric )

Not the start i had in mind, but after a very poor performance against QPR, the performances improved especially against Sunderland, where i felt my side had enough chances to go on an win the game.

My fixtures for September are:

Arsenal (H)
Reading (A)
West Brom (H)
Man United (A)

( i have not got my draw for the third round of the Capital One Cup, but will let you know how i get on in the September monthly update )
the (H) was meant to be home fixtures, and the (A) is away fixtures, just letting you know :)
Nice one start I like the idea you have of a long term story