Fulham v Man Utd

fookin get in, we didn't deserve to win at all, Fulham played really well and alot of our players were poor-Brown had a shocker. But then we have Ronaldo, and i ******* love that man :wub:

they say a sign of champions is to win when you play ****, which is what we did today :D
******* love Ronaldo :wub: **** performance, i was starting to think we had ****** this game up untill ronny got the ball and ran past 3 to score :p

Diop should of gone for 2nd yellow tbh which would have made it a bit easier i suppose, but like andy said, signs of a championship winning side play **** n win :D
lucky as **** , fulham dicked them all over and should have won convincingly but just could not convert

fair play manu stuck at it and got a good goal