Dec 10, 2010
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Hello, i'm Burnley in March 2011 and i'm looking for a fullback (left), got a current budget of about 4 mil. I managed to secure a deal for Sebastian Pocognoli, but he didn't want to sign for Burnley. So i could do with someone who is good and is at a lower reputation club, so they will want to sign for Burnley, any ideas?
Isnt there two quite alright scottish leftbacks in burnley?
Peter Masilela (South Africa), Taleb Tuatkha (Israel), both from Maccabi Haifa. I am playing for this team 4th season, Masilela is key player, Tuatkha hot prospect, in this season is even better then Masilela.

From web source: At the moment he is named as the best u20 left back in the world.
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M'Bengué always turns out great for me, works best with a defensive fullback role though.
If Maxwell haven´t been a regular starter he might sign for you.
You could try with Insua. Then there is Dennis Aogo, great fullback.

The list is long, though I haven´t really got any experience of lower reputation clubs.
These are just the ones of high class I find most likely to sign, give them a go.
Isnt there two quite alright scottish leftbacks in burnley?

Well there was Danny Fox, but Burnley sold him for 5 mil before i started (Burnley is my second job as well as being England manager)