May 19, 2010
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Hey just wondering,does anyone play the full match, like watch the whole game , i just play the highlights but i guess if you watch the full game you can see you tactics really working.Am i right?
I watch it on Key highlights, I see my tactics pwning but don't have to sit through the boring ****. Sometimes I just get commentary if I'm trying to wind down the last month or two of a season where I've already won the league.
I can honestly say I've never watched a game in full, I've only ever watched they key highlights. Suppose if you want to make a tactic then maybe watching the full game would be wise, but would get a tad boring.
I did it once a few Fm's ago, but I cant justify the time it takes really. It was so boring,

With the more realistic player movement it would be better now, but when I did it it was still dots running around.
Yeah . I have tried to watch a full game before and get bored, although i just got an hd cable for my laptop to my plasma tv so i was thinking bout watching the games on my 42" which might make it more interesting but my girlfriend wont enjoy that!!!
I watch the full match, every match...

or at least until my team are the best they can be and I'm happy that the tactics are solid then I change to extended highlights...