Further advice needed re loading player faces

Nov 28, 2008
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Guys! I know there have been dozens of requests for help on this subject so your patience is appreciated. I have trawled through loads of existing threads but none have remedied my problem:

> I have created a 'faces' folder within the 'graphics' folder in the FM11 folder
> I have saved the player image as a PNG file in the 'faces' folder with the surname as the image file name
> I have added a config file into the 'faces' folder and altered it to show the player ID as follows:
<record from="kadrii" to="graphics/pictures/person/27023720/portrait" />
> I have tried using the unique ID as the filename rather than surnames but no joy
> I have all the relevant boxes ticked/unticked in the in-game graphics preferences

I have even tried placing the image and config text into another facepack folder that does work but the image still won't appear!!

I have double checked everything and I still have not sorted it. Have I missed something really stupid here?

Thanks for your time. :S
Have you reloaded the skin since doing all this? (Preferences > Display & Sound > Reload Skin)
Tharros - yup done all the obvious stuff - that's why I'm mystified as to what I am doing wrong!

Especially confused as other face packs I have work!!
*new* Rename files with CAPS extentions (.PNG/.JPG) which can no longer be read by FM 2011

this is might your problem... change it the extension, then reload it again.. done