Dec 29, 2008
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Can future loans be put in the game using the data editor?? Ive put them in but when the game is loaded there is nothing in the game to say the loan will happen in january? I havnt gone far enough into the game to see if the loan deals happen. Bentley to join birmingham in jan and beckham to join spurs are examples id like to put into the game. Any help would be appreciated!
nope you cant set future loans... only future permanent transfers.. bit **** but always been like that for some reason
I think you can set future loans, pretty sure there's a way to do it in the editor ...
Cheers mate! I thought so, It never used to work in the older versions either. Your right tho it is **** that it cant be done. Something for the si boys to have a look at perhaps??:D

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I think you can set future loans, pretty sure there's a way to do it in the editor ...
I think LFC Marshall is correct, ive never got it to work. If you know of a way please share it with us!!
I'm pretty sure there is, I made a mini Premier league update for last season. If you make you player join the club on a loan in January using the club contract tab, it should work. I mean it was fine for 10?
In 08 you could always change Vela's loan status to Osasuna, so it is somewhere in future transfers or something like that...

*up comes editor*

People > Player you want > Contract > Loan > Top Right Corner > Choose the Team > Set your dates...

edit: this is on 10, but why mess with something that isn't broken??
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just wondering whether you could bypass it by setting up a future transfer for £0 on the loan start date and a future transfer for £0 on the loan finish date. obviously this would mean the club loaning them has to pay all of the wages but if it works then it's not too big a downside for a work around.