Nov 23, 2008
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What does everyone think of Gai Assulin, i have signed him on a free for Man Utd only played him as sub in a couple of games and loaned him out to Preston now.

Is anyone further in the game know what he turns out like???
He is in my Motherwell team now (2012) I'm not impressed
I signed him for hearts none of my coaches said he was good enough for the squad :(
keep loaning him out, he'll get good first team experience and, if he impresses for other teams, then its time to give him his chance
Whats he like in real life. He was supposed to be one of the next big things, i know he has left barca and i think he may have signed for man city
I heard he was the next big thing, and he cost nothing so worth a risk, and thank you for the advice, you seem to be doing well with Newcastle, i managed to win the league with them in the 2010 version of it when i managed to get rid of the over payed over valued rubish lol
Yeah i think city have got him but i think he is another big ego lol
i got him on my save in 2013 and im rotherham his stats arent the best but he is okay i suppose :)
He is in my Motherwell team now (2012) I'm not impressed
This. I played him sporadically as Maloney was in the form of his life/career. He got pissy [Assulin] and became completely unprofessional. Got rid of him in 2012.
I went to sign him for Plymouth in the 1st year on a free. Entered talks. Wage demands FAR TOO HIGH. so i thought f*** it. Noticed towards end of transfer period he was still on a free but his agent wont let me offer a contract as apparently i messed him about last time :S weird. even weirder thing is that i can take him on trial........
got him on a free and i considered it a rip off, high wages, poor stats, go away