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Jul 19, 2009
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Im sure everyone in Europe has heard of Galatasaray's name this season, as I am real huge fan of them I wanted to take them on Football Manager for the first time with the update 13.3.X

But I cant find a formation to play Sneijder, Drogba, Burak all together in on attacking phase.
I want to play the 442 Diamond or the famous AC Milan 4-1-2-1-2 but I cant find a tactic for this update of the game, can any one help?

I will provide the team report, best tactical role of players and a real match picture of how I want the midfield to line up:
View attachment 324157
View attachment 324159
View attachment 324158

In the last picture, Felipe Melo is the man in front of the 4 defenders, Selcuk Inan is on the left but he doesnt play wide, Hamit is on the right as usual and neither does he play wide, The defenders from left back to right back are Rieara, Danny Nounkeu, Semih Kaya and Eboue. Thats exactly how I will set up my defence in game too, but I just cant do it, my tactical knowledge is good but individual player roles I cant keep up with.

The players are not the great on paper, but they are really good as a team, the left back department is slacking especially so Im hoping to loan De Sciglio for this position for 2 seasons.

I will be glad to see someone help me with this formation, Thank you all !!!