Jan 2, 2011
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Installed it last night, started my game with Wolves. Saved it and went to go back on it tonight it wont even load up. When I click on the icon it just opens a folder with saved games in it which doesnt do nothing either. I click on my drive and still nothing. When i installed it, it asked me if i wanted to use steam or not but the disc would always be needed, i decided to not use steam because of previous problems. Is this maybe the cause? Help guys.

Also may i add that my laptop meets all minimum requirements and is a 17" screen. Just adding this in due to seein posts in other topics.

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Help guys? Seriosly starting to think that football manager's becoming a waste of money..
Ever since they brought out the steam idea i've had nothing but problems.
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You said you didnt even use steam, so how can that be the problem?
You said you didnt even use steam, so how can that be the problem?

Im just saying i've had nothing with problems with Football manager over previous years usuall because of steam. Now im getting more problems which isnt down to steam this time.

I havn't patched it no, only it had a it a day or so. Didnt think it would need to be immediate.
Well try patching first. You need the latest patch, the 11.2.1 hotfix.