Sep 30, 2009
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hi, can anybody pleas help. my game crashes when i click submit team, i am half way through a sason and doing well, im about to play arsenal and after i pick my team and click on the submit tab, it crashes and i get this message.
a serious error was encountered and the application will close. an error
file has been generated in:
MY NAME-PC/C:/Users/my name/documents/sports interactive/football
manager 2011/crash dumps
then it closes the program. i dont have any face packs or logos or anything, only a different skin which i have had since i started the game. last thing i want to do is delete things or restart the game, so is there any advice anybody can give me please.
i have gone to where the crash dumps but dont know how to open and read them
delete the crash dump files . are you using any custom databases ?
sorry i forgot to mention, i have changed a couple of names in my team using fmrte, my son asked me to put his name in then i had to put my name in, its the only way we'll play for our team lol. bit sad i know but only bit of fun and puts smile on sons face esspecially when he scores a goal. this is something i have done previously and never had any problems.
Maybe you should change player's name in Football Manager Editor instead using FMRTE, because FMRTE isn't from Sports Interactive. I used FMRTE in 11.1. patch and the game crashed. I had to completely delete it and re-install FM.
i will change the names back to the origianal and see if that works. to be honest mate i wasn't really aware that there was an other editor i have always used fmrte and never bothered looking for any other.