Mar 12, 2013
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Im using a custom database, and everytime I start a new game, and then try to save when the game starts, then my game crashes...
If I dont use my custom database, the game can save, and there's no crash... So I think the problem is with my custom database, however, when Im in the FM editor, and try to validate it, there's no conflicting errors, so what do i do ?

The database can be downloaded here:

I really hope someone can help, cuz I used alot of freaking time on the database :)
Did you do all the database creation and editing correctly ? because if you have made one little mistake then it will cause the problem you are having. It happened to me once on FM 12 and I simply made another database and hey presto, it works. I f you dont want to do that you could always save the database as another copy of it but with another name
E.Gthe first one you made is called DB1, so you open it up, make a simple change like add an extra seat at a small football clubs staium and save it as DB2. Then load that database and see if it works