Game Improvement Suggestions for FM2012

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Jul 8, 2010
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Is there already a suggestions thread for FM? If not, I think there should be and I'm going to try to start it off.

1. Firstly I think there should be a lot more choice of what you can say to your players before the game and at halftime.

2. I think it would great if they introduced the option to shout at the ref. There have been times when I have seen the ref give one bad decision after another against my team and have really felt like shouting at him. It would be like the sideline instructions drop down menu, and you could say things ranging mild comments to show you aren't too happy to utter rage. Depending on what you say and what kind of ref you have could change the decisions in your favour, or see you being set to the stands.

3. When looking for players to buy I sometimes go through and see whose unhappy, but it would be good if it was included in the search option.

4. And I would really like to be able to preset every players individual settings across the whole squad. This would save me a lot of time when swapping players for the starting line-up from week to week.
There is a thread for this already, but I can't recall the exact name of it so I therefore can't find it. But there definitely is one.
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