Game is kind of stupid. How do you fix Transfer problems?


Mar 19, 2010
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So I thought the newest patch will fix transfer problems but apparently not.

Two of my players requested to be transferred LAST year because I didn't give them enough 1st team playing time. So I put them on the transfer list to make them happy.

A year later, not only did I give them adequate playing time in hopes of making them happy, I also looked for clubs that would buy them. No club has offered them anything, and they still are requesting to be transferred.

Now, one of my players is "Upset" that he's transfer listed and wants to prove his worth to the team. Yet, I can't take him off the transfer list because it still says he requested to be transferred?

How do I fix this problem?

I want them on my team, but if they are not going to commit, I will not give them any more playing time.

How do I make player stop requesting to be transferred - even a year later?

This game is pretty stupid if one of my players says he wants to be transferred, then gets mad because he's transfer listed.
Well usually if he requests a transfer, and you give him playing time he'll request to be taken off the list.

Something you should look out for is what you say to the player when he becomes upset. It's obvious you didn't say the right thing because they requested transfer.
If you want to keep them and are willing to give them playing time, say that. If you said that you will transfer him, but in fact plan on keeping him, giving playing time won't help, as you promised to sell him. At least in the player's eyes... :)
What happened was first a player was upset that he didn't get enough 1st team football. So I promised him more playing time. Even though I played him more, like every other game - he still requested to be transferred. This guy is a rotational player so I'm not going to start him every game.

So then I agreed to transfer list him.

A year later, he still wants to be transferred. How do I get him off the transfer list?