Game Won't Launch (MAC) // Rant About SI's Incompetence


Feb 9, 2012
The issue: Steam has just updated (this may be irrelevant). When I click to start FM, the screen sort of flickers a little as if it's about to start, with the bar at the top disappearing as if to go into full-screen game mode. Nothing happens. I go onto 'Force Quit' and FM is listed as an open application but in red, meaning it isn't responding. Can anyone help?

SI really do rely on the intelligence of its purchasers. Having to regularly carry out intricate computing processes in order to fix bugs and play games is really quite a pathetic product. It is no wonder such a game struggles to complete with the sheer simplicity of putting in a disc and playing any number of titles on a games console. Up your standards, this is an unfit product.