GamerPET FM2013 Challenge - Season 10 Wolves Save.Take my game and continue the story


Dec 8, 2009
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Hello gamers,

I'm PET and for the past months I have been running a FM Series where I play with Wolves. I managed to create some of the best players in game. Right now I'm in 9th August 2022.

Since I don't have that much time to play FM right now I thought it would be fun to see how other people will continue my story.I became a bit attached of my players and I thought it will be an interesting experiment.

You download my replay, play it, write your story, post screenshots, make videos, etc and the guy who is the most active (on my forum) has a chance to win 2 games. No big deal. I'm more interested in the experiment.

You can find my YouTube videos here.
More info about this Challenge here.

Even if you don't want to come on my forum or watch my videos I will still love for you guys to play this and post your upgrades here. My main goal is to see people playing this nice game in a good environment.

Thank You

P.S. I have one of the best Strikers in the game. One of the best Defenders. One of the best Defensive Midfilders.
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Sounds good, will have a go..

Got to say your team is pretty awesome. Will update you on the stories progress every now and again. :)
Thanks. I'm still not happy with the junior academy. I can't seem to get good regens :(