Feb 26, 2009
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Hi my assistant keeps saying theres a big gap between my MID and ATT which is living my ATT on there own how can i fix it
change the strikers or midfielders mentality.

Either make your attackers less offensive, or make your midfielders more offensive.
Well, first confirm that he is right by watching a match carefully. If he is, fiddle with your player's mentality settings so they will be closer together.
im trying upload my screenshots so you guys can see my tactic
all my midfielders are set to support and my attackers are attack with defenders defend
sorry defensive midfielders whos my ball wining mid set to defend
there is no link to the attack, neither striker is dropping off, and you dont have a midfield runner,
Mike how do i fix it and will it work ok for league 2

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my 2 wingers are set as defensive wingers
Mike how do i fix it and will it work ok for league 2

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my 2 wingers are set as defensive wingers
considering you are playing with balls to head and float crosses i assume you have got big men up front wich means your wingers should be set to normal winger attack, with the aim of supplying them as much as possible
well ive got a target man and a poacher little and large
therefore you have two players upfront who offer you nothing else apart shots on goal, which means they need support from midfield,
thats why i thought id set my mid to support to support strikers and track back
thats why i thought id set my mid to support to support strikers and track back

midfielders in support only play in the middle off the park, u need a link player. someone to link the midfield and attack
i suggest put your target man on support duty to lower his mentality. so he will drop deep and look to play other people in. either that or set one of your midfielders as cm - attack and one as ball winning - defend
The 4-4-2 is one of the oldest in modern football, and also one of the most basic. I should mention, before I go any further, I must recommend the excellent Tactical Guide by Max, mostly dedicated to this most English of formations. It is a superb read, I recommend it completely. As said, the 4-4-2 is a typically English formation. Throughout the 90s it was the dominant formation in English and indeed often in world football, and remains effective today. Let's go over the basics.

A 4-4-2 consists of two full-backs, two central defenders, two "wide men", two central midfielders and two strikers. The links and different roles of all of the players make this one of the most flexible formations in football. For example, the wide men can be one of two things: traditional wide midfielders, hard-working players with good crossings skills that supply the forwards as well as protecting their full backs. The other type are out-and-out wingers, the type the aforementioned Mr Redknapp deployed in his 4-4-2. These are speedy, tricky players who rely on their skills and pace to get by defenders, providing more of a direct goal threat at the expense of full-back cover. For the purpose of this, though, I will go with the traditional English 4-4-2.

In the standard 4-4-2, there are two tall, strong central defenders flanked by two full backs. Ahead of them are four midfielders strung across the pitch: two wide midfielders, with two central midfielders in the centre. Generally, one of those central midfielders is more creative and attack minded (the creator) and the other more concerned with shielding his back four and breaking up opposition play (the destroyer). Up front are two strikers, traditionally a "big man/small man combo" or in FM terms, a poacher and a target man. The target man opens up space for his partner, occasionally dropping deep to win the aerial battles. He is generally tall and strong, able to go toe-to-toe with defenders. The small man, or poacher, plays off the shoulder of the last defender, feeding off scraps and flicks ons from his strike partner. He is usually fast, and more of the out-and-out goalscorer of the two.

This is, of course, just one varient of the 4-4-2. The many different types are too many and varied to list here, but here's a couple to try. The 4-4-1-1 is the same, except with a striker dropped back to play the role of an attacking midfielder. Likewise, the 4-4-2 Diamond is a 4-4-2 with the central midfielders in much more extreme roles, with the destroyer one pushed back into a holding role, sitting in front of the defence. The creator is pushed up behind the strikers as extra support. As I said though, you should mix and match to fit your side..
im still getting this message yet my midfield is DefensiveWinger(support) BallWinningMid(defend)AdvancedPlaymaker(attack)DefensiveWinger(support) with TM (support) and Poacher (attack) up front so why am i getting this message
If you want to play 2 strikers on attack you can move your wingers forward to fill the gap like i have here in this screenshot.