Garbage To Greatness


May 10, 2018
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Episode 1 of my YouTube series, Garbage To Greatness, which will be an annual European Journeyman series, sees me start with no job, no experience, no coaching badges and generally no idea! Watch me bag a job with a club I can't even pronounce properly!

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The Not So Special One

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Episode 2: Squad, Tactic & In The Dugout For The First Time!

In this episode, we take a look at the small and limited squad I have, set up a tactic and take charge of my first couple of games at my new club.

Garbage To Greatness - the European Journeyman story of The Not So Special One, starting from the very bottom of the Football Manager 2023 ladder with no coaching badges and no experience.

In episode 3, I make my first signings for the club, including a pacey striker and an English centre back, but it is the improved form and goals of Teddy Johnson that is making me fall in love with him!

Episode 4 sees the emergence of a 15 year old who could prove to be our saviour as we fight hard against relegation!

In episode 5, we play our final 3 games of the season, fighting all the way to the end as we try to avoid relegation!

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We're back with the drama of the playoffs to avoid relegation, so early in our European journeyman career! Lose and I'm out of a and we can start the rebuild for next season!